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With the reality that there are lots of men and women being engrossed in lessening the signs of aging and at the same time significantly improve the body shape, the increasing number of fitness programs today are no longer surprising. However, while it’s true that there are lots of fitness methods which you can select from these days, the system that is more apt to generate a lot of interest is Steve and Becky Holman’s very revolutionary program called the Old School New Body system. In this old school new body review, you will learn the complete details about this system. Read this Old School New Body Review, you can understand whether to choose or not

Learning More About Old School New Body System

The program itself is designed with the use or implementation of the so-called Old School New Body dietary modifications as well as exercises; all of which remarkably aids in shaping up instantly and to begin looking younger than your actual age. While these effects seem very enticing, a great number of consumers all over the world will naturally be doubtful about the program and will prefer to find out more about what it is really about before they use their credit cards and begin ordering.

Discovering more how the program works, what does it involve and what consumers must expect with regards to results:

The developers of this system wish consumers to have easy and delighting experience in terms of purchasing products and services that have something to do with anti-aging and weight loss. This is due to the number of products and programs available in the market nowadays- consumers may end up spending lavishly on products they do not have knowledge of and just purchase it mainly because of the overrated claims they make in their advertisements.

In line with this, the system has been developed by real-life couple Steve and Becky Holman and the primary purpose of this program is to aid users to get into shape easily in no time in a risk-free approach while also helping them look younger even though they’re at the age of mid-30s and beyond.

What is the Old School New Body Diet Plan and F4X Workout Program?

The entire premise of the Old School New Body Diet and Work out System is simple.

It is outfitted to utilize outdated methods to give you another looking more youthful body. But there is a catch.

The program is geared and address a certain age group only. And that age group is for the 40 years old and above the niche. Steve and Becky Holman have made this progressive framework accessible now for you to have and pursue.

As you have heard, during our older years, especially when we hit 40 and above, our body starts to age really fast and even up to the point that it doubles in years.

This is due to the lesser amount of activities we put our bodies into, eating the non-essential diets and not having the proper exercise. This is normal since our body is aging, pains and other aches start to be felt all around.

Do not be fool by those other diet and fitness systems out there because they are all into it for the money. Why? Well just ask yourself why they don’t restrict age limits on their diets, don’t consider health conditions like blood and sugar levels, hypertension, muscle pains, and joint pains and other factors for each and every individual.

At the end of the day, they all wanted to cast a wider net for a wider audience reach and yet only those who are already fit and perfect in their health and bodies benefits. Most dieters never make it past the second week of every program that is available out there. The reason is obvious, some of these programs don’t fit quite nicely to the audience that they reach out for, obviously the fat, the obese and those who have problems with gaining weight and muscle mass.

This makes the Old School New Body a revolutionary product just for the targeted age group that you belong. No longer workout routines not adjusted to your overall health, with Old School New Body System, you are in control. In fact, you are given just 90 minutes of exercises and workouts in total for the whole week.

That is just about an hour and a half of exercises so your body will not easily tire and be worn out. Remember this is the only program that addresses the fact that you are not young anymore and respects your body and its limitation.

When you want to see results, it will be just a couple of weeks and you will start to feel the effects of the program. And the good news is, with all the information and knowledge you will get from the ebook, you will and readily apply them for life.

Take a look at its first and foremost top example, which will show you real proof that this thing really works. The authors Steve and Becky Holman are already well in their late 50’s, yet both of them are so healthy and buffed and toned, that you will mistake them for people aging in their mid 30’s.


What Will You Get When You Purchase The System?

  • This program is considered the fastest method to shape your body — losing extra body fat, firm up and also enhance age-defying strength through the help of resistance training contained in this very distinctive program. Take note that the system will not encourage you to execute extensive running, cardio and torturing yourself by starving.
  • You will also discover the mistake which you must definitely avoid and that is the use of an exercise program which forces you to begin working out over 90 minutes each week particularly if you’re just a beginner. Keep in mind that long workouts only enable you to look older faster.
  • The solution to ideal body shape and looking younger is found in this one great system. And, the best part is that it does not require extra cardio (you obtain your cardio at the time of the very short-sessions) and ideally this only takes 90 minutes a week.

Wait! There’s More!

The system provides you the perfect body shape through the help of well-presented and well-instructed system that comes with five easy-to-follow steps that will also aid you look at least ten years younger.

The program’s authors Steve and Becky Holman tackle the truth about your age as you age and that after forty years old that’s the time that you will age faster whether you’re a man or a woman. It is valuable to consider that during 40s, that’s the period when the body starts aging faster than usual. The program reveals to you about the hidden secrets in terms of how the body sheds muscles by the time we pass 35 years of age. For that reason, you will feel more conscious about the importance of getting into shape, toning and strengthening the body.

Moreover, F4X Training System reveals the most effective ways in eating, moving and thinking about immediate process of aging and bogging it down to the period when you feel you are aged less than one year in every other year that passed right after using this effective system. The system’s developers claim that with the use of this program, users will look many years younger than their actual age especially those whose age is mid 30s and above. And the exciting part is that even when you’re 50+, you’ll still look younger than ever.

Probably, one of the many reasons why many people across the globe are so engrossed about this program is the fact that you can obtain positive results in lessening your age and look without utilizing any form of anti-aging drugs, gimmicks, supplementary materials and many types of anti-aging ingredients.

f4x quick-start workout guide
f4x quick-start workout guide

Who Is This Product Made For?

Old School New Body System is workable to anyone. It can be used by men and women and this system will be helpful in providing you with desirable results in revealing your outlook less than your real age when you reach the age of 35+. The system is founded on secret facts affirmed by anti-aging experts and over time it relies on several strategies, tricks and techniques and essentially all these schemes will enable you to reverse the aging process from a cellular level and optimizing the appearance of your body with healthier and younger look.

On the other hand, it is fundamental to consider that the Old School New Body System guides its users with the importance of not overindulging in low-fat diets, stop executing extra gym-related workouts and running in circles, that it doesn’t help to blame yourself for looking older, workout less, stop preventing chronic dehydration and most importantly guide the body to become healthier and stronger with the aid of healthy living and excellent eating options.


  1. A huge percentage of the users are happy with the results
  2. Instantly downloadable
  3. The 90 Minutes workout system per week is the easiest workout
  4. You can read the old school new body pdf on your mobile, tablet and computer


  1. You have to completely follow it to see the results
  2. It is not delivered in printed form. You have to download it and print it for yourself

So, to those who are so keen to discover more about this very leading-edge workout system, you can visit the below link. Get the ideal body shape now and grab your once-in-a-lifetime chance to look at least ten years younger without spending a fortune and resorting to risky anti-aging and weight loss drugs and treatments.

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Old School New Body Questions: Recently Asked Are Answered Here

Does This Program Will Make Me Look 10 Years Younger?

Answer: There is no escaping old age. Everyone gets old. That is a fact of life. But not everyone aged the same. Some of us have the luxury to indulge in money that they can afford to buy years off their current age.

But to most, old age comes in and it affects all of the body. Some aches come in as early as mid 30’s and endurance and durability to wear and tear from heavy sports and other activities slowly creep in. there have been studies to prove that when you hit 40 and above, you are aging twice as fast both physically in the outside and in the inside.

They say it adds 6 months and up to 1 year of additional aging, so when you’re really 40 you are aging around 44–46 and by the time you hear 60 you will be 66–70! Both physically inside and outside, your skin is at its worst state than ever. The good news is, that the aging process can be reversed and ultimately slowed down. This is with the help of the all-new diet and fitness program that Steve and Becky Holman has written just for the age group of 40 years old and above.

This is a revolutionary kind of program that you won’t find elsewhere. Other programs pride themselves on good looking models and overtly fit endorsers thinking that the public will be fooled that these people actually made their bodies this way with the help of their products. But guess what. This is where they are wrong.

You see no one will believe that these models achieved what they have used in their diet system. The Old School New Body system by the Holman’s are different. As they have been using their system first hand over the years to achieve the body that they have today. If you haven’t observed by now, both of the Holman’s body look like they are at their prime. And they are well toned looking healthy and years younger than their current age of more than 50 years old. This is living proof that the system really works.

There are 3 phases of Old School New Body. There is the F4X Lean, The F4X Shape, and the last one is F4x Build. It is concluded that for almost 40 years old and above, only the first phase, the F4X Lean is needed. It is already a complete profile for a program that gets you healthy, toned and losing weight. The method will help you be young again in a short amount of time, in just weeks, you will have this youthful glow that you dream of and be young again.

F4X Shape is actually an intermediate designed toning workout routine with additional diet to incorporate for your F4X. this is for those people that want to shape a few extra inches off their unwanted bulges in their body. The next phase is for bodybuilding. This is for the more serious gym buffs and workout fanatics, that even at their age still want to be ripped just like Steve Holman is.

What’s Special About The This Programme?

Answer: We all know that nothing good comes into our bodies when we grow older to the point of reaching 30 years old. Things start to spiral downward during this phase of your life.

They call this midlife changes, they occur at age 40 to 65, just before you are considered at the later years of your life. During these stages, most people will start to lose muscle mass and weight gain creeps in. when we age, it would not always be beautiful, most notably when you lose muscle tissues and remember when you lose muscle, you lose the ability to burn calories at a normal rate, the body then starts to store them to extra energy and fats.

Another thing that you lose fat when you grow older is your bones. They say when you hit 40, you will lose 1% of bone mass every year. This is the reason why our teeth and our bones get fragile, gets injured and broken easily. Also when we get old, we couldn’t eat the food that we enjoy during our younger years, this is due to hormonal changes and our digestive system is not what its used to be. With all these changes during the old years, we really could not avoid the unavoidable, that is growing old and grow weak. But did you know that there are ways to turn back the clock for about 10 years?

No, I am not talking about high costing medical procedures and enhancements, surgeries or fat burning operations.

I am talking about the Old School New Body System. This new revolutionary system, created by Steve Holman with the help of Becky Holman for men and women who are 40 years old and over. This program is all about you and your age group, all the complications of your health issues and with your body are already considered and assessed, so you will know this is safe and proven to work.

Why would we say this works? Well, take a closer look at its authors and instructors. First take a look at Steve Holman, he is halfway through his 50’s by now, and so is Becky Holman, yet they have perfectly toned bodies and Steve himself is well ripped. You can never go wrong with that when the author’s themselves exhibits and show off the result of their very own product.

In essence, the exercises and the workouts in the ebook will always be considerate of your age, therefor most of them will not exceed a 90 minute workout session for the entire week. Yes, that is like working out a mere 15 minutes per day. It means you are taking care of your bones and muscles while burning fats every week when you are in the program. As you can see, the ebook cares for you and knows the limitation of people in your age bracket. The ebook has 3 sub programs that are targeted for each individual taste, capacity and choice. Overall the ebook is a good buy.

What’s Inside The Old School New Body System?

Answer: If you want to get the body that you have always wanted, minus all the expensive invasive procedures of modern-day cosmetic surgery, then you got to get your hands on the Old School New Body System.

You just have to meet 2 important requirements first before you can buy the ebook. First requirements are that you have to be 40 and over years old to be able to qualify for this program. If you made it past the first requirement then the next one is a little bit easier. The second one is that you have to be able to be fit enough to workout 90 minutes per week and have a little change in your eating habits. 90 minutes is really not that bad when you think about it, it’s around 15 minutes a day. If you qualify to be able to get your hands on this revolutionary product, then let’s dive in on what to expect when you grab yourself a copy.

Steve Holman authored the ebook, he is an editor of a top selling and multi-awarded health and fitness magazine called Iron Man Magazine. It’s a bodybuilding Magazine and for health buffs. Steve is around 55 years old already, yet he has the body of those of someone in their mid 30’s. he is buffed and ripped and he packs 6 pack abs.

he considers the ebook to be his fountain of youth. So if you want to have an overview on what it is really inside the ebook, then let’s all have a look. The ebook is divided into 3 major parts. It has the first part to be used by beginners and for people who want to maintain the look of their body if they are already healthy and physically fit. This is called the Lean Phase system. The second system is for those who want to tone their body and put it in shape, it is called the Tone Phase System.

And the last one included in the ebook is for people who are still gym rats and muscle gain enthusiasts, they will have a field day in the Build Phase System. Imagine that you can still be ripped and body build even when you are way past 40 years old. When we take a closer look at the diets that are in this ebook, we can clearly see that it is customized just for the folks in the age group of the targeted audience. The ones that belong in the 40 years old and up category.

The first discussions will be eating only good fats. The one that helps keep the body fit and tone due to its hormonal inducing capabilities and repairing capabilities for muscles due to wear and tear from old age. One thing that is stressed all over the ebook is that the longer you workout and do cardio, the more damage it will do to your aging body. That is why all the workouts, however, customized they can be are just limited to 90 minutes.

What Are The Facts For Your Old School New Body System?

Answer: If you are looking for ways to get into shape fast and you have not found the ultimate body sculpting E-book and training guide, then you will just need to get your hands on a great program, the Old School New Body Program.

You must fit into 2 criteria first, before deciding on this program is right for you. The first requirement of the day is that you have to be in your middle life age, around 40 years old and above if you meet this requirement then you can definitely proceed to the next one. The next one is that you have to be able to do a simple workout routine for let’s say 90 minutes per week. That is an equivalent of around 15 minutes of workout every day.

Not bad for your age, and if you have no serious other health issues, you can do diets and alternate many foods, then you just fit right in for someone that could use the Old School New Body System. Steve Holman, the editor for Iron Man Magazine for people who wants to build muscles mass and are into bodybuilding is also the author of this wonderful program the Old School New Body System. Already in his late 50’s, Steve is still muscle pack and fully ripped with abs to die for. He attributes all of these to his superb teachings and guides inside the ebook.

He considers it to be his fountain of youth, that is why he looks like someone in their mid 30’s. so what is really going on inside the ebook? Let’s all take a quick look. The system is divided into 3 categories. The first one is the Lean Phase system. Which teaches you to lose fat through diet and workout. The second one is the Tone Phase system, this is where you sculpt and tone your body to make it look younger again. And the last but not the least, the Build Phase system, this is where bodybuilders and muscle gain enthusiast will get their fix, it helps you to body build even when you are 40 years old and above.

When we dive into the diet system that this ebook employs, let’s check out some of the briefs. The ebook encourages you to take in only good fats. They are best for muscle and bodybuilding and helps with hormone production. It also helps repair damage muscles due to old age and wear tear. Aside from keeping your workout shorts, it will also feature foods and other nutritious foods that help your body as it workouts.

It also keeps your exercises and workout short and within your capabilities. Your 90-minute workout featured in the ebook is just about all that you need for you to be able to get the younger looking body that you wanted. The longer your workout and more cardio that you do, the more damage, tired and wear your old body gets. So if you find the discussions here interesting, then don’t you think its time to get yourself a copy of the Old School New Body system. Definitely a must buy for those who want to be younger and fit even when they are over 40!

What is it All About?

Answer: Steve Holman authored the ebook and the sensational new program called the Old School New Body System. If you haven’t heard of Steve Holman yet, then you probably are not that into the health and fitness niche and may not be familiar with the Iron Man Magazine, in which he alongside his wife Becky Holman are editors.

He is already in his late 50’s yet he has a terrific body and incomplete healthy toned shape. You would be shocked at why this guy at his age would still pack this kind of ripped physique. We now know through certain studies and data that once you are over 40, your body starts to age twice as fast, from 6 months to an additional 1 year. You will generally feel years older than your actual age and you will feel insecure that your metabolism isn’t keeping your weight at acceptable levels now. This is why people are dying to be like Steve and Becky, they will do everything they can to be in shape.

Some would try expensive surgeries and invasive medical procedures just to look young, i.e. Kenny Rogers, but ultimately these are failures. The real deal in looking young is to have a healthy lifestyle, healthy body and a healthy mind overall. When you are qualified for someone that could take on a real challenge and make your body as healthy as Old School New Body System authors, Steve and Becky Holman, then you will find out that this program is the ideal program to try. Do not be scared that the workouts and the diet plans may be dangerous to you, in fact, it is very safe and offers no restrictions, you can just work out when you are aged 40, 50, 60 or even in your 70’s — 90’s. as long as you can move and do exercises, you can be healthy, in fact, all the workout exercises are customized that will fit you, considering your age, health, metabolism, weight and other factors that will qualify you to exercise.

The other good thing is, that you only have to do exercises and workouts for just an hour and a half. Nothing more nothing less. And this hour and a half is for the entire week of working out. When you split it to 3 days, that is like 30 minutes per day of working out, you cannot have that anywhere else but only in Old School New Body System. The biggest draw of the program for people at this age bracket is that the entire program is a fountain of youth.

Not only does it burns fat, build muscle mass and tone your body into a shape that you desire, but it also slows down the aging process and gives you a glow of youthfulness that will make you look younger than your actual years when you are doing the entirety of the program on a regular basis. People spend thousands to tens of thousands for anti-aging creams, lotions, and pills just to look young.

Why They Keep On Saying That ‘Stepping Out and Being Young Again?

Answer: This ebook is authored by both Steve and Becky Holman. If you haven’t known Steve, then you are not an avid health and fitness fan, he is the top author and editor of the Iron Man Magazine. The shocking thing about Steve and Becky is that they are in their late 50’s, yet their bodies all look like someone from their mid 30’s! Steve is super fit, super healthy and super ripped. He packs great muscles and 6 packs abs. also, Becky is a fine specimen of a healthy and super fit woman.

Why are we looking at the authors of this ebook this way? Why are we investing a few sentences in this introductory paragraph knowing their current health and fitness? It’s simple because we are finding ways to be like them. You see in recent studies it has been proven that the body age exponentially fast by the time we reach 40.

They say it is as fast as an additional 6 months and may even lead to even a year faster than it was on a normal aging. So to make the proper calculation, when you are let’s say at your mid 40’s, your body will feel and look like someone in their early 50’s, and by the time you hit 60, you are already by your body age, around 70! No one and I mean no one wants to be branded as old, old timer or an old folk, everyone likes to be young again. Because with age, pain and sores are always a constant add on to your body. You will not be as healthy as before and will be subcible to diseases.

Oh man, nobody really wants this, that is why when we see people like Steve and Becky, we instantly get inspired to get the results that they were able to achieve. So what are the secret both Steve and Becky employ? They use the Old School New Body System. This is their baby, they both help authored this ebook into perfection, the good news is, this ebook and the program is not like any generic programs that you can find in the market that is also ready to be purchased and download, this program is unique. Unique in a way that it is designed and targeted for people at your age level, which is the 40 years old group and beyond.

This makes exercising, working out and dieting at this age a breeze. Everything that we discuss in the introduction is taken into consideration and knowing that you are not as young as you are used to be, so with just a 90-minute weekly customizable workout, you can soon get the body that you were 10 years ago and feel like 10 years younger in the process.

Is Old School New Body For 40 and Above People As Well

For a couple of years now, Old School New Body Program by Steve and Becky Holman has been the most talked of town, and if you haven’t had any clue to what it does, then this review is perfectly suited just for you.

Steve Holman authors it with the help of his wife, Becky Holman. You might be asking for what is special about this diet since many people and all across the media, you are hearing it. There is no question that when you gain this lot of trust, then there is something working in your program.

But hold your hopes not too high, as this program is not all clean bells and whistles, it is designed to be used by the older folks, so don’t expect it to be working for you when you are 35 years old and younger.

Remember the way it was created with all its limitations and restrictions were designed for someone that has an older body.

It is clear to us now that the name, old school is being referred to as the old way of doing workouts and building muscle mass. This was the way before steroids and new technological enhancements for growth were introduced and embraced.

People were more healthy looking and buff back then than their weak new age counterparts.

The entire program is just 1 hour and a half for the entire week, which is just 90 minutes of pure important workout and will surely be enough for people in the targeted age group. This is important because the target group are all above 40 and are not as versatile as they can be working out and in condition. For the diet, it is also considered to be the simplest and easy to follow and will surely be enough for the targeted age group as well.

The program consists of 3 phases and methods on how to work out. It is said that only the first phase is what most people are after and makes the last 2 phases as optional and sort of an extra winning bonus for the consumer. The phases are named, Lean Workouts, Shape Workouts and Build Workouts.

The Lean Phase workouts are designed to get you into shaped coupled with the best diets in town that will help you live a healthy lifestyle. They say that the other 2 are just for the more serious folks who wanted to have a more buff and more muscular type of body together.

The entire ebook discusses the do’s and don’ts of working out when you’re getting older. As a matter of fact, when you are working out extensively during this time of your life, you are risking damage to your muscles, and to your bones. It might even affect your hormones and may lead you to be sickly.

The secret at this stage of your life is short but bursting workouts. Don’t worry Steve Holman will guide you all the way through the ebook and there is nothing you have to worry about.

old school new body pdf
old school new body pdf

Buy Old School New Body Here

Summary Of The Complete Old School New Body Review

If you are bordering the wonder years of 40 years old and above, then you probably know by now that due to age, you will be limited in your diet program choices. Not all diets are designed to be endured and access by your age group. But there’s this one diet that is focused on giving the best diet program for your age bracket and beyond. They named it the Old School New Body.

The diet and the program are unique in that it targets the age group perfectly with workouts that are proven to work for your age group. It is said it will make you appear years younger than your current age. As per the author Steve Holman, he is the living testament to this when you look at him you don’t see him someone in his senior years. The program has small achievable, specific goals, they are for weight loss, toning and for gaining muscles. The results will always vary, and it will be on your fitness level and health level. Anything taught and discussed in the ebook is very safe and have been tested within the capability of the targeted age group.

If you want to know what Old School New Body is, the first thing to remember that this program is not for everyone, it is specifically designed for the age group that is 40 years old and above. All the techniques and guides discussed in the ebook is made that way to ensure the safety and limitations of the age group it is made for. So if you are not the intended audience, and you use this system, you will easily find it very limiting and not what you hoped it would be.

It’s designed to get the 40 years old and older people who wanted to have a great healthy body and get an optimal weight loss as well as a toned and well-shaped body. The entire program is easy to follow and will only require you to do at minimum 1 hour and 30 minutes of workout routines for the whole week. That’s around 90 minutes in total spread around in 7 days or you can chuck it in for 3 days.

The secret formula to success, as with the author’s approval is his F4X Method, in which he claims will provide you with amazing results that will surprise you even with your current age. There are 3 phases in the so-called insider secrets of the F4X Method. They are called, F4X Lean, F4X Tone, and F4X Build.

These are the ways each phase works, let’s get into some details. F4X Lean is the first of the phase; it covers all the basic workouts and the nutrition basics to help you starting with losing fat. All it has are pure step by step ways and instructions on how to lose that excess body fat that has been problematic due to old age and lower metabolism. You can’t find the toning here yet. The 3 weeks promise for you to fully lose around 10 lbs of excess weight is still their top promise, even though you won’t go to the next phases.

Real Reviews By The Real Peoples

These Reviews Are Submitted By This Blog Readers. I just Love You Guys

First Review: Normally when we age, nothing good comes out of it. All we feel is tiredness, stress and some aches and pains here and there. This is normal, no one is superman or superwoman and won’t probably live forever. The most rapid changes will happen when you hit 40, and each year beyond that it gets worst.

They say that you aged faster and almost doubled, from 6 months up to a year if you are 40+. To make a bold calculation to how much changes is that, let’s say that you are now in your mid 40’s, then you are probably feeling and looking like those of someone near their 50’s, and when you hit 60, you probably be like someone who is at their 70’s. this is not good. No one wants to look much older than their real age. Everyone wants to have a taste of the eternal fountain of youth.

But in reality this is not just the case and is not just happening, it is going on now with everybody. Do you want to know why this happens? Well for starters, when we age, we lose the ability to produce certain hormones in our body that helps burn down fats, helps with our metabolism, lose muscle mass. When this happens we tend to shrink in muscles and when we eat, our bodies lose the ability to burn calories, thus makes the extra ones into stored fats. This makes us fatter, with no muscles and weaker. Our overall health will be in jeopardy. Another thing that we end up losing in our old age is our bones.

Every year when we hit 40 and above, we will lose 1% of the bone mass density of our bones. This is due to the low calcium intake that we have due to changes in our diets. But things don’t look as bleak as this always, there is a chance that you can get yourself looking young and energetic again.

There is still a chance that you can have the body that you crave for when you were at your prime in your early 30’s. that is through the Old School New Body System. This is a one of a kind program that helps you. It addresses all the complexity of having old age, and now it makes you be able to workout and exercise plus diet while at this age bracket. To show you an example coming from the pages of Old School New Body Program, the first I notice is that all the customizable workout routines for 1 week are all limited to just 90 minutes per week.

It means that you can get a tone and fit for working out for just an hour and a half the entire week. This is good news for your bones and even better news to your metabolism. The entire ebook has 3 subprograms. The Lean, the tone and the build. When you do the lean program, it is enough to get you in shape and looking younger than your current age. So what are you waiting for?

Review 2: There have been many advertisements going around the media regarding this remarkable and unique weight and fitness program created by Steve and Becky Holman. It is called the Old School New Body System created for people aged 40 and above.

Why do you think this program is getting all the attention in the media nowadays?

Well, there can only be one explanation for this, the program works! But before you get too excited on the program, let me just remind you this is not an ordinary just your every day over the mill program. It is designed for and used by people that are over 40 years old, in fact, if you are younger than 35 years old this program will fail you. The name old school is derived from it is going back to the roots of a workout from the early days, where steroids and other health enhancement supplements were not that abundant and gym goers were not relying on it for sculpting their body.

The entire program is just around 90 minutes per week. The sessions are shorter but still proven to work as only the important factors are considered and are focused upon. This is due to the design they built for the age group they are targeting. They don’t want to overextend the time and put up extreme diets for consideration that the bodies that will be participating are not as young as they were before. Still, the program has been tested and proven to work well minding the age of their user. The program itself is split into 3 major parts.

They do this to simplify the answer to each individual needs. For their phases, they call each phase the F4X methods. The 3 methods are the Lean Phase, the Shape Phase, and the Build Phase. The last 2 phases are optional, they are designed for serious workout buffs who wanted to grow muscles. But if you want to just stay lean, lose weight and live a healthy life, then the first phase, the Lean Phase would already be enough for you to live your life healthily.

Review 3: A big dilemma for people aged 30 and up is when they wanted to do diet and join in some sort of dieting program, the program that is available may not be suitable for people at their age group. This is due to health reasons, but nowadays a program was created just to fit right into people who are 40 and over. It is called Old School New Body. The E-book’s author, Steve Holman is well beyond 40 yet he appears 10–15 years younger than his age, all thanks to his diet system and workout program that is uniquely designed for people at his age.

To gain muscle and to lose weight are the programs primary goals, but they also included body toning alongside it. These goals are easily met and are designed specifically for your age group, so no worries there. Your present-day fitness levels will define how far you can go, but usually, the exercises incorporated in the guide are within the competency of the target age group. The Ebook’s ultimate goal is to help people above 40 to reach their healthy body potential to its fullest. It helps to get to your right weight and help burn fat fast and make your body toned and in shape in the process.

Take note that the technique and other ideas incorporated to the ebook will not be suitable for people aged younger because of the restrictions and limitations set for the tested age bracket. Also, rest assured that all the workouts and diets in the Old School New Body system have been fully tested with a test group and are considered safe and generally acceptable to its target audience. When we say a unique combination of workouts and nutrition for Old School New Body, we really mean unique.

To sum up the total number of hours that you need to spend with your workout, you are only allowed up to a minimum of 90 minutes the entire week combined to do workouts. This is beneficial to your body and bones, as they are not as resilient as they were when you are younger. And the formula used to make the program works with an amazing result is a secret formula, formulated by the author.

He calls this formula F4X method. Each of the 3 F4X Method is very useful in their own way, and take note that the last 2 of the F4X methods are just optional, meaning they can be done only if the user still can take in more time and if it is needed to. These are the ways each phase works, let’s get into some details. F4X Lean is the start and could be the end of your Old School New Body Program experience. All the workouts and diet modification here is enough to get you losing weight of up to 10 lbs in just 21 days. Of course, if you finish the entire course, you can get optimal of up to 15–30 lbs, of fat loss.

Review 4: Steve and Becky Holman, a couple who reinvented the wheel for people aged 30 and beyond with their revolutionary product the “Old School New Body System”, has just introduced it to the world as a new and unique approach to health and fitness for the targeted age group.

The main draw of the program is that not only does it helps you to get healthy and fit at the same time, but also will help you to look younger beyond your years. We all know that by reaching 40, the body aged very fast from this point forward. This can be prevented when people return to a healthy lifestyle and exercise. It can go as far as additional 6 months yearly to a year, without enough sufficient nutrients and not much exercise. To do a simple math, people who reach an age of 40, his or her body may feel already like those of a 44 years old, and imagine when they reach 60, their body may look and feel like those of somebody in their 70’s.

The rapid change in one’s body at old age is very alarming for people who want to feel young and enjoy their life more. Everyone wants to live a life full of energy and enthusiasm. There is good news though, the aging process can be slowed down and even be reversed a few months to years, this can happen due to training and the proper diet that can be found in the Old School New Body System. This is one unique and extraordinary program. It is the only one and one of a kind that caters to its targeted age group. It puts into consideration that the human body starts to slow down by that age, so it has to be adaptive to its workout routines and diet.

Always know that your fitness and health is not what is like before when you are just in your 20’s. you now have a slower metabolism, you feel joint aches and your age is not as enduring as you can be. The authors of the ebook are a living proof of the effectiveness of the program. When you look at the bodies of both Steve and Becky Holman, who by the way are both well over 50, you will really be inspired how ripped and fit they are. They have achieved and done this to their body just by following what they have written in the ebook. You will have access to the same work out routines and diet that they have gone through from their Old School New Body System ebook.

The power of the Old School New Body System is through their customizable programs that fit you and your lifestyle as needed. It also caters to your age and limitations in health and other factors. Let’s say you cannot fit in the entire 90-minute workout in a week due to some factors beyond your control, the system will generate alternatives and do some workarounds for you. A truly amazing product if you ask me.

Review 5: If you haven’t heard of the latest weight and fitness program that has been making rounds in all forms of media nowadays, then you probably have been living under a rock. The Old School New Body Diet Program created by Steve Holman is designed to help people aged 40 and way beyond it.

Have you been asking why is this program gaining a lot of attention to everyone nowadays?

There can only be one answer and its pretty obvious by now, the program seems to be working for a lot of its customers. Just don’t get too excited yet, as this program has its limitations and restrictions. It is not just any ordinary program that you can just use straight out of the bat. First off, the program is uniquely designed for people aged older, like 40 and above, so if you are below 35 years old, the program will not be working well for you and you need to find a new source of diet and weight loss.

This program is called the old school as it takes us back to a time where bodybuilding relies on real gym methods to get you into shape. Those were the times where steroids and other growth enhancements were not heavily used by bodybuilders yet they rely heavily on sheer dedication and the right way to workout. The workout is designed to be only 90 minutes long the entire week. If you go daily on it, that will just be encompassed to around 10–15 minutes short workouts.

The diet is simple and easy to follow as well. This has been the design since the targeted age group are not as young as they were before, and other health considerations are also put in place for their safety and well being. That said, the program has been proven to work well with the age group of over 40 years of age. The program has 3 major parts and is called methods or phases for the user to use. The first one is the Lean Phase workouts and diet, they can already be the heart of the program as most people buying the Old School New Body program is after for losing weight.

The next 2 is exactly what their name implies, they are the Shape Phase workouts, and the last one is the Build Phase workouts. The last two phases are designed for the more serious type of people who wanted to look even better with buff muscles and great looking shaped body. After all, if you have got the time and effort to do so, why not just look your best.

In conclusion, it’s always a good effort when somebody makes time for helping out and caring for the niche of 30 years old and above when it comes to health and fitness. If you want a valid and proven method for your health and fitness when you are in the right age group, then there is really no other comparable program out there available but this one.

Review 6: There is a new revolutionary health and fitness program out in the market today. It was crafted and created by Steve Holman together with Becky Holman. Old School New Body is targeted for people and individuals with the age of 40 and above.

Their targeted audience is right for their product mainly because they wanted their 40 and above users to experience the healthy way of living and will be able to work out even at their age where the body slows down in metabolism and health starts to deteriorate. As we all know, as we age beyond 340, the body age very rapidly, you can be expecting around 6 months to 1 year of additional years per year added in terms of body aging. It means that by the time you reach the age of 60, your body might as well feel as though of someone more than 70 already.

People who are afraid to look old or appear to be old are very much afraid that they will age faster when they are over 40. Everyone wants to be young, energetic and full of enthusiasm. Well don’t fret now, because Old School New Body System has been created, it is said it can help reverse the aging process and make you feel younger and look younger months and years from your current age. We will be taking a closer look at the pros and positives of this remarkable diet, The Old School New Body System. Its biggest draw will be that it is the only one in the market that targets the age group that it is designed for.

The aged 40 years old and above and making sure that the workouts and the diets corresponds for care and takes into consideration the age factor, the fitness, the slower metabolism and the aches and whistles of the human body when it hit the golden years. If you want living proof if the program indeed works, you don’t have to go that far to find out. The authors, Steve and Becky Holman are the all the living proof that you need. First off, they are well over 50, both of them, but their bodies are still super fit, well toned and Steve is pretty much ripped to every corner of his body.

Other fitness programs have endorsers and celebrities out to promote their products, ask yourself if these endorsers ever tried to use the product, they are endorsing. No, they have their bodies through other expensive means. Meanwhile, Steve Holman has used the Old School New Body System since Day 1 and you can just marvel at its effectiveness. Another good thing about this product is that it is considered as a fountain of youth.

It has been proven to make people look young, some claim to have the look and body of someone 10 years younger from their current age. If you think that you are limited with what you can do with your age and with less money, then Old School New Body system is exactly what you need. Go ahead and purchase a copy for yourself now.

Review 7: Today we will be tackling the new system designed and created by Steve and Becky Holman. The program is called Old School New Body and this is a design purely intended for people above 30 or near it. The aged group is the one for uniqueness, no one and no fitness instructor care enough to make one for them. This is new and exciting, as this is not just a good fitness and diet eBook, but its target is to give you a healthier lifestyle and an updated fitness for being young and looking young at your age.

There is an ongoing fact that by the time you hit 40, your body will age almost double as fast as it was. They say 6 months is the average, but 1 year could be the right number for some people. This can be for the lack of supplements from nutrients, slower metabolism, and lifestyle of lesser exercise. This is bad news for people who want to be younger looking. This is quite upsetting for people who want to be alive longer, in good health and with lives full of energy and passion.

The great news here now is that this fast aging process can be reversed and this is through the working out and with the help of the fitness guide “Old School New Body”. Let’s discuss some of the pros and positives of the diet program before diving further. First off, the bat is that the Old School New Body System is the only system and fitness program that you can find online which caters to people in the age range of 40 and beyond. All other programs out there will either be too focus on the much younger audience. This program takes into consideration the age, the metabolism and the aches and whistles of the human body when you hit that age. If you want to ask to why is this program so unique and why is it working, then you should not look any further than the appearances and the health of its authors.

Becky and Steve Holman are both well beyond their 50’s yet they are so fit and ripped that they both look just in their late 30’s. This is very different from what other programs are, they have endorsers and celebrities who are already toned and fit endorsing their products. For Old School New Body, the authors are what they are today because of their program. You should be too. Then there’s the old saying that the fountain of youth starts with your looks and well being.

Now if you wanted to have this youthful glow and active young body, then get toned, get fit and be healthy with the Old School New Body system. People have claimed that they look up to 10 years younger and their friends with the same age have been dying to learn their secret. Another good thing about the program is their extensive money back guarantee. You can return the product and get your money back if you don’t get the results you wanted and claimed by the eBook. The more reasons for you to get the system now.

Review 8: We will be discussing the new ebook by fitness experts Steve and Becky Holman called the “Old School New Body” System. It is a health and fitness program which aims to help people age 40 and above with losing fat and gaining muscle mass. It also focuses on lifestyle and diet to help people in this age group live a normal and happy life in their years. To be young and feeling young again is what the program aims hard for.

For everyone who reaches this age as a milestone, one can attest that the body itself starts to decline in health and it looks. It is said that you aged faster by almost half a year to a full year when you hit 40. That means when you are about 60, you’re body will feel like it’s already 70. And when you are 40 you are feeling old like someone aged 44.

This is quite alarming for people who want to live longer, healthier lives full of energy and enthusiasm. The good news though is that this rapid aging process can be reversed and this is through the training and fitness guide “Old School New Body”. Definitely a Unique Program For 40-Year-Olds And Above.

The positives for this program has always been overwhelming and nicely documented, but let’s see and discussed the other favorable conditions which should set you into deciding if the Old School New Body program is indeed for you. To start, there is only one program out there that caters to and define the age group of 40 and above, and that is Old School New Body. This is the only program out there that takes into consideration the age group’s health, metabolic rates, all aspects of their well being and even the body aches that these people experience.

If you want proof to how effective this program can be, you can just check out the author of the program himself and tell me if you still don’t believe me that this is the program that you should definitely be buying. Think of its original user, the author Steve, see how ripped and healthy his body is even when he is way over 50 years old. For the women, you should check out his wife Becky Holman and be impressed by how awesome her body is too, and she is also way over 50. All they ever did and what steps they have taken to achieve all of this are all in the ebook.

It is shared in the old school new body system all just for you. Another good thing about this program is the customizable options which you can adapt to your needs. Some of us when we hit certain old age, our body starts to be limited in productivity and activity. The program responds with alternatives and new workouts and diets to help you push through the entire program and not have you given up early or in the middle stages.

Review 9: Old School New Body is the new diet program created for all age groups. It is designed for this age group primarily because of the lack of support from other programs and diet for older people. You can consider this opportunity to have known this system for your age as a rare case and should be taken advantage of. The diet and workout program is so unique but is quite effective for people to look 10 years younger than their age.

The author itself is a walking testimonial of this. His name is Steve Holman. The program has mini goals all each is easy to achieve by individuals that use them. They are for muscle gain, weight and fat loss and of course toning the body. Like all good and well-known diets, success is only guaranteed when you are in the right fitness level, and it all depends on the state of your health. Don’t worry though, everything in this ebook is already tested on the target age group and is generally safe and you have nothing to worry about.

The overall goals for the ebook Old School New Body are to help its users achieve optimal weight and fat loss, and in the process have a healthy toned body. Just take note though that since this is a program for much older people, everything here is designed in a way for these age groups, and anyone younger may not benefit at all if they try and do the routines and techniques used in the program. The 40 and above age group are considered already to have certain limitations and restrictions when it comes to diet and exercise and this may just be right for them but not for younger age groups.

There is a dedication needed for the workout routine from you to make it work. At least 90 minutes within a week must be scheduled for your end to get in shape. Combine that with the proper nutrition mentioned in the course, it will give you amazing results in just a few weeks time. The author claims that his special secret formula is key to this success rate, he calls it the F4X method and the patents it with pride. There are three phases and method in the F4X. the last 2 are known to be optional. The author codenamed them into F4X Lean, F4X Tone and the last one is F4X Build. Basically, here is how this formula works: F4X Lean is detailed workouts and nutrition, the heart and soul of the entire program.

You can go with just this phase and method and leave out the last 2 and still get 10 lbs of weight loss in just under 3 weeks. But if you go with the full phase, you will get an optimal weight loss of up to 30 lbs. The next phase is F4X Toning, which focuses on toning up your body after it has already started losing weight. The last phase is F4X Build, where gaining muscle mass is the target of this phase.

Other Useful Guides

Being Fit and Healthy Even Though You Are Over 40

There has been an abundance of weight loss training and programs out in the market just this past decade, all claiming to be top of the line into helping you out losing weight with all their latest scientific updates and enhances through their programs.

This sounds good and nice, innovations are key to future success, but what if their innovations and new found studies don’t apply to you?

What if you belong to a niche so small that you generally don’t belong in the normal age group population which this programs often target?

old school new body diet plan
old school new body diet plan

These programs target mostly those who are in the younger and active years, like the ones who have the money to burn, the time to do all these diets and exercises, because they are dating, and they want to impress the opposite sex. What if you fall into the above 40 date range?

What if you only want to be healthy and to feel young again? This is where these other programs start to fail. It usually fails you because they never consider your limitations.

Here comes Old School New Body System, where everything comes in naturally for you. All your diets and workouts in this system are fitted just for your age. The entire program focus is you and your age group. Everything is considered, from the aches and pains to the number of minutes that is safe for you to do the workout.

When you buy the program, you will easily find out that it incorporates a five-step approach in dieting and in working out. The very first step is making sure users of the program are not trap into fat restricting diets, which means that not all fats are bad and must not be eaten.

This is where you will learn that some fats really do play a big role for you to get a youthful look and a youthful body. Everything in the ebook is in their basic form and having good nutrition info is the thing that is talked about in the Old School New Body System.

In the second step, users will learn that working out to the gym isn’t needed for achieving ideal fitness levels. Remarkably, the system exposes that long gym sessions are in fact harmful for people aged 35 and above.

In fact, according to the Holmans, gym-oriented workouts, in reality, add to the aging process and should be avoided at all cost.

The final stages or the last 3 stages of Old School New Body is called the F4X System Designed by Steve Holman by himself, these stages are divided into 3, they are called Lean, Tone and Build.

If you want to look young and healthy at your age, then the Lean Phase in the F4X System is already enough to get you there. Whilst the other remaining 2 Phases are built-in but are all optional workouts for the healthy conscious buffs, who may want to be ripped and gain muscle mass at age 40 or above.

How To Be Successful With Your Health Even When You’re Over 40

There is a saying that life begins at 40. To know whether this life could be for the better or for the worst is all up to you. But what is constant will always be that your general health and overall fitness will start to drop really fast till you become sickly due to very old age.

By now, the things you did in your younger years will start to take a toll on your bodies. When we start to move to the later part of our lives, mother nature starts to work our bodies and soon prepare it to rest. That is the reality of life, there’s nothing you can do about this.

old school muscle program review
old school muscle program review

But what you can really do is slow down this process and live a little longer enjoying life to its fullest. This is important because at this stage of your life you really need to work doubly hard to keep your health and body at its top shape. Remember when you are over 40 the lesser fit and healthy your body becomes, so this must be alarming especially if you came from a healthy mindset kind of person.

There have been numerous studies also that suggests being over 40 speeds up the aging process by almost a year or double your aging. Doing the math now that you are 40 means your body aged around 44 and by the time you are 60 you are generally feeling and looking like somebody in their 70’s. everything that you may have worked hard for when you were younger will now be most likely start or are already on a decline. This is because at this age the body is predestined to be storing more fats than burning it and eventually starts to lower muscle mass.

If you are keen enough and decided to give Steve and Becky’s Old School New Body System, then you might just be on the right track because Steve Holman’s is the editor in chief of Iron Man Magazine, a publication dedicated to buffing up and getting ripped, and guess what, Steve and Becky are all in their mid 50’s yet they exemplify the body and shape that they always convey in their magazine.

Inside the ebook, its all about transforming your old self into a new youthful looking body. It helps you maintain a better weight for your age through workouts and diets and helps you improve on your life entirely, including your sex life, your hormonal changes, and your overall confidence through this later stages of your life.

With all the testimonials and rave about this program, you can always see that the first and intimate purpose of the ebook is to help people with weight problems and improved on being healthy. The other bonuses that come with the system are for people who want to add bodybuilding and sculpting their muscles even at an older age.

It is a complete lifestyle guide with added bodybuilding elements for healthier later stages of your life. If you want my opinion, then it is a must buy for you.

Looking For Diets For Age 40 and Above?

If you are aged over 40, and you wanted to do dieting for health reasons or personal reasons, then there is this program that should be right for you, it is called Old School New Body.

It is one of those rare programs that are targeted for individuals just like you. It has a proven safe workout formula that will make you look and appear younger from 10–15 years your current age. Its author Steve Holman is the walking proof of this. The program has set up mini goals for you to easily achieved, they are for weight loss and fat burn, body toning and finally for gaining muscles.

enhancing bodyshapping
enhancing bodyshapping

These are all achievable even at your current age. Of course, like all good diets, the results will vary from person to person and the current fitness and health condition that you are in. it will be a big factor for you to get the goals that you want. But in general, everything that is said and taught in the eBook program is tested and is within the capability of the test target age group, so it’s pretty much safe.

The Old School New Body System is a diet program geared for people over 40; it should not be mistaken for a workout program or diet program for the younger folks. All the techniques and diets that will be covered by the eBook is fully tested and proven to give results for people at this age bracket but will have limitations and restrictions for people aged younger. It is not advisable to have anyone not aged 40 to even try it or use it.

The ultimate goal of the system is to give its targeted audience the toned body and the healthy less fat body that they deserve. Since metabolism rate slows down at this age, the system has adapted techniques and guides that suits the age group well.

The program is known for its uniqueness and its combination of nutrition and workout plan in under 90 minutes per week will sound great for people who are aged 40 and above. This is limited time, due to the bodies that will be working out, but in after effects, the results showed amazing things. The author promises fat loss and a toned body and he claims this is due to his secret formula, which he calls by the name F4X method.

To sum up the 3 F4X Method, they are codenamed the following: F4X Lean, F4X Tone, and F4X Build. Basically, here is how this formula works: F4X Lean is the first of the phases, it only talks basic workouts and basic nutrition, it doesn’t talk about toning the body, the F4X Toning is the one that does this. Actually, the 2 parts of the later phases are not optional for you to do, but the promise of gaining up to 10 pounds of weight loss in 3 weeks is still there.

If you go through the rest of the phases, you can get an optimal lean muscle mass and up to 30 lbs of weight loss by this time around.

You Have a New Hope From Old Age

Everyone gets old no matter what is their status and class in life, it is an inevitable journey in this life. No matter how we wanted to stay young, we can never be young forever.

By the time you hit 40 and beyond, all the nutrition and fitness you once enjoyed in your younger years will take a plunge and everything will fall down into a downward spiral.

f4x training
f4x training

There will be some of us who will look older than our age, some will feel body aches in certain areas of our body that they have never experienced before, all of this is a result of getting older. While there will be people who can afford expensive plastic surgery and enhancements to save their youth, this is not applicable and not practical, most are painful and awfully expensive.

There have been studies showing some data that when you aged over 40, the old years come in much faster than you think, it means that you could be aging by more than 50% per year. So basically what they are saying is, some of us may only be 40 years old, but their mind, body and physical condition could be those of 44–45 years old. Worst is, it gets exponential as decades go by, and by the time you hit 60, your body could be well over 72 years old the least.

This happen because as we grow at this age, aches and pains start to show, and hormones start to slow down in production, makes us feel less generally well or feel a little timid and tired. Is there a way to overcome this?

Good thing for you, Old School New Body System has been created and specifically targeted for your age group. There have been no other products that came close as with the Old School New Body System has been for this age bracket. What this generally means is, everything is considered for you when you join in and use the system.

First, they consider your age and its health factors, like aches and pains, blood sugar, blood pressure levels and they even consider your muscle mass and weight. For this, you can customize your workout and diet with regards to the overall fitness that you are in now. No other health and fitness programs out there employ such tactics for workouts. An example of consideration is that the entire program will last only 90 minutes in a week.

Not an extensive 3–4 days program at the gym. But just 90 minutes in total. That is like 20 minutes in every 2 days worth of working out.

Now if you are skeptical if this Old School New Body System works and is really what it claims for, then you can look at the authors of the ebook. Take a look at Steve and Becky Holman, the Holman’s are already way beyond their 50’s yet if you look at their bodies they are young looking, vibrant and fully ripped.

So get a copy now and you will be surprised and what it can do to you, remember this is the only one in the market that does this.

Life Doesn’t Only Begin At 40

As the old saying goes, life begins at 40, it may have a nice ring to it, and sometimes it is also correct, you see your body and fitness change drastically when you hit this age and beyond.

The last time your body was behaving this way was when you were at your growth spurt years. For many, the new life that being 40 brings is not always positive. Body aches, pains in the muscles, unnecessary fats and many more ailments that normally don’t appear in your younger years will be now present and recurring to you at this age.

enhancing bodyshapping
enhancing bodyshapping

Hormonal imbalances too will be very constant and your overall feeling of a general well may always be too far in between. This is normal and to be expected. Now that you have a new life in you, many people tend to lay back and embrace it and just feel old altogether. But this is not to be the case it seems. There is a surefire way that you can bring everything back, be young looking again and feel revitalize once more! And that is through the Old School New Body System.

It is designed specifically for your age group and it targets and knows what you need to get you back to being young again. There is a saying, and some studies have proven this, that when you hit 40, you age faster and even doubled than the years you are getting. For example, if you are 40, your body actually feels like those of a 44-year-old, and when you hit 60, you really are in the 72 years of age in looks and body aches. Who would want that? Just the thought of it will make you cringe and feel so bad.

Good news is, this new system created by Steve and Becky Holman, the authors of Old School New Body System addresses just those concerns and will be here to help you through the aches and bruises to get you back your body up to 10 years younger. Not just by looks alone, but also how the body feels and how the body is physically fit.

If you are still skeptical through all of these, just take a closer look of both Steve and Becky Holman, both of them are in their mid 50’s, but each of them still has a body to die for and are ripped, well toned and physically fit and healthy. You can never guess that they are age 50 and above, and some magazines even claim that they are just 30 something.

They follow everything they will be sharing with you through the ebook through every letter and every word. They are not your ordinary round the mill endorsers, they are living proof that the ebook is working and is effective.

If you have now decided to get a copy of this amazing offer, the Old School New Body system is just $27 per order. And it has a money back guaranteed, no question asks after 30 days. So grab yourself a copy now.

Reinventing Yourself When You’re Over 40

For over the past decade, there has been an influx of weight loss and health-related programs and fitness training that have been released and introduced to the masses, all of them promises the same thing, that they have been scientifically proven to help you burn and lose fats.

This is all good and all, but what if you are not like the normal aged population, what if you are above 40? Will you be able to workout like someone in their teens and in their mid 20’s?

This is what most of the programs target, people who have the capacity to work out extensively and those who are actively dating and trying to look good for the opposite sex. What if you only want to be healthy and fit? What if you don’t want any of the extra workouts and cardio being done inside other programs? This where these programs start to fail you and the folks you are in the age bracket.

Then came Steve Holman, he introduced Old School New Body, a much simpler and natural way to lose weight and be young again by being healthy but targeted to your age group. Finally, someone understands you and your age, every customization is considering your limitations due to your age.

After you have the program, you will find out that it is actually a five-step approach for weight loss and working out. The first step out of the five makes you realize what’s been faulty all along with other diets, not all diet restriction for fat prevention works, not all fats are that bad for the body. There is good fats and bad fats.

Only in this program where we will get the right information that fats play in achieving a youthful look and youthful body. Basic tips and deep good nutrition insights are always the signatures of Old School New Body System.

The second step of the process is where you will learn that going and hitting the gym is not helping you at all achieving the younger body that you wanted. The biggest shocker of all is when Steve Holman boldly declares that you don’t need the gym at this point of your age, the more you hit the gym, the older and detrimental for your body it will get you.

Long cardio and even longer workouts will eventually kill your chances of being ripped and looking young when you are aged 40 and above.

Then the last 3 remaining steps are now incorporated as the F4X System that breaks into 3 parts, the Lean, The Tone and The Build phases that Steve Holman designed.

The Lean Phase is the highlight and exactly the main feature of the entire program. It shows to great detail that you just need a weekly 90-minute workout, eat well and healthy foods that promote metabolism and hormone production increase at your age. And the rest of the 2 phases are just optional and are for health buffs who want to build muscles.

Staying Fit And Healthy Even When You’re Over 40

For most of us, reaching new heights when we hit 40 is something.

Most people at this stage in their lives may consider themselves successful and at their peak performance in their careers. Others may have built a good foundation for a startup a family, while some may already be in the mid-years into family life. But what others thought that the pinnacle of their life is coming, others are starting to feel the toll on their bodies.

f4x workout
f4x workout

You see by this late stages of our lives, Mother Nature is by design, put our general health starts to slow us down. Physically our metabolism starts to diminish due to lower hormones being produced by the body that attributes to good health. It is a must that during this stage in our lives that we strive and keep up with the demands of our body to maintain overall good health. Remember that it is a fact that when you’re at this late in your time of life, you will get less and less fit by the day.

There has been scientific proofs and data suggesting that when you hit 40 and above you will be doubling your age years within your body. It means that by 50 you are generally feeling and looking like those of a 55-year-old, while by 60 you will already be like those of a 70-year-old. If you have been fit and are okay with your body before you hit 40, you will find it very hard to maintain it during this stage of your age.

This is because the body is hardwired to store more fats, be a little less productive in healthy hormones and starts to lose a lot of muscle mass during these years of your life. So the workout and diet that has been successful with you during your mid 20’s will eventually should be replaced for you to maintain your figure.

Now when you buy and get hold of Steve and Becky Holman’s ebook, the Old School New Body System, you will get tons and hundreds of workout routines and diets that will help you mold your life back to where it was once youthful. You will rediscover the fountain of youth.

Not only does it helps you lose weight, it helps you tone your body, improve your muscle mass, get back some of those much-needed hormones, improve on your sexual life and many more. A total package in helping you overcome the speed aging process during your age stage years.

With all the good points and good things being thrown at the author’s for their amazing and unique program, one will eventually see that it is mostly aiming for people that want to lose weight or maintain a healthy living throughout their older years. But the good thing is, there are tons of extras and bonuses that gear towards people who like to do bodybuilding and sculpting their muscles for a fit tone. It is full of insights and very helpful information with regards to this, no matter what your age is.

So if you ask me, then the answer is a definite buy for you for this program.

You Can Still Workout At Age 40

When we get older, our bodies start to change and it starts to weaken.

This is most notable when you get to 40 and above. When you are at this stage of your body, you tend to see that walking up and down the stairs is getting hard and any work or job can sometimes lead you to be breathless. All of these are normal, but some people are in shape too even in your age group.

You may not be aware, but you can still be in top physical shape even when over 40. This is where This Program comes into play. it has all the workout routines and diet and fitness information that you should follow because they are all designed for you. You don’t need to follow the rigorous workouts and overtly strict diet plans that other programs have.

old school new body diet results
old school new body diet results

All you ever need is this one stop shop for Old School New Body System is already complete with.

If you don’t know yet what is the Old School New Body System, then know that it is a short workout routine, around 90 minutes per week only. It is designed to get you the diet and nutrition that is right for your age. The system was written and design by Steve and Becky Holman, both are well over their age of 50, but if you take a look at their bodies, you would really mistake it for them to be in their mid 30’s. they are still toned and super fit, in fact, Steve is still pretty ripped to the core.

They follow the diet and nutrition and the exercises that they have shared with you in the book to the letter. Since the ebook is designed for a certain age group, they have factor out the need to know the limitations of the human body once it has aged. The aches, the pain, the slower the metabolism, the fragility of the bones are all considered.

The program is not about cardio for weight loss, nor super restricting diets. It is about the proper and the right way to be fit with your current body.

The results come in fast, and in as little as 1 week you should start to feel the effects of the workouts and diet. You feel healthier and in 2–3 weeks the system works overtime and starts to give your metabolism a boost. You will lose fats in certain areas of your body just like that.

Like all in the health world, this is not an overnight success story that is going to happen. It will need to be done properly for you to finally get the results that you need. Unlike other programs where the promised fast is like a few months, for Old School New Body, it is just weeks, and the knowledge that you can get from this program will last you a lifetime.

The good news is, this ebook is sold with a satisfaction guaranteed tag, it means you can return the product if you are not satisfied with the results. They will return your money with no questions asked.

Creating a perfect fitness program for age 40 and beyond

We will be evaluating the value and credibility of the newest health and fitness ebook by creators Steve and Becky Holman. It is called Old School New Body System, and it’s a new and unique approach to fitness when it comes to people over 40 years old.

This is a perfect companion for people falling into the age category earlier, it can even help them feel young and revitalized as expected from a Steve Holman system. Steve, as we all know, is now more than 50 years old, yet he is still in great shape and is ripped more than ever.

There have been proving facts that the body deteriorate faster when you hit 40. It will be additional of 6 months to a full year. It means by the time you hit 41 you are actually living in a body that is 45 years old literally. The reasons for this will be the insufficient amount of nutrients and exercise and the body’s inability to up its metabolism rate to the one it has before.

People who are afraid to be old with their looks and their bodies may find it very hard to live past 40 and see themselves in the mirror. I mean who wants to look all saggy when you can be young, energetic, full of enthusiasm and full of energy. People would give anything just to live young forever.

The good news is that with the help of Steve’s Old School New Body System, you can be assured of looking younger and feeling a few years young, through training and fitness and nutrition.

To check the pros and positives for the program let us first view and analyze that the Old School New Body System is the only available program that is geared towards the 40-year-old and above age group. No other program exists out there that addresses and take into consideration the age, the slower metabolism and the aches of people at this age group.

If you need a living proof to fully understand the claim of the Old School New Body Program, and you don’t need to look that far. The author and his partner, both Steve and Becky Holman are way beyond 50, but if you look at their bodies, they are very fit and ripped.

Most programs out there will hire and get the services of models and fitness experts to vouch for them, while most of them don’t ever touch or follow any of the programs they are endorsing. They were fit beforehand, but unlike them, the Old School New Body Program was used and followed by its authors ever since day 1.

How To Be Workingout Safely In Your 40’s And Above

If you happen to be observing around these past few decades, there has been an abundant attack of incoming weight loss programs and training that promises new and innovated scientific studies to back them up.

All of these programs are good and all but, what if you are in a super targeted niche and you are aged 40 and above, will you be benefiting at these programs that are targeted to the general population?

Will you be able to still work out and do extreme diets like those of someone in the 25-year-old range? This is exactly what all of these programs are doing, they only want to target the niche and the people who are fit to work out and do extreme diets because they are on dating age and want to impress the opposite sex.

What if you fall into the 40 and above date range? What if you just want to feel young and healthy again and not be ripped or buffed with a toned body? This is where most of these generic programs start to fail for people.

Steve Holman introduces to you the Old School New Body System. In this system, the entire program revolves around you and your age group. That is why everything is customizable. The system is centered on a five-step methodology of going on a diet and working out. The first step frees users from the naïve pressure of hampering fat intake in their diets. It just doesn’t work. Not all fats are bad fats and should not be eaten. Others are good and must be consumed, as it is essential to our health.

The system suggests and brings about information on the crucial role that fats play in attaining a youthful body and looks. Hands-on tips on good nutrition are the trademark of the Old School New Body system. You will notice this all throughout its chapters in an ongoing series when you are reading the ebook.

For the second step of the process, you will learn that the gym isn’t really needed to have access to the best optimal fitness levels. If you will continue reading through the eBook, it will be revealed to you that having long gym workouts is really going to hurt your body when you aged 40 and above. Another shocking bomb that Steve will tell you in this ebook is that when you hit the gym, it actually makes you look older and feel older generally at your age level.

Knowing the final 3 steps is crucial, it is divided into 3 parts, they are called the Lean, the Tone and the Build Phases, collectively, and Steve calls them the F4X System, which he designed.

For starters and for most, the Lean Phase System of the F4X is already enough to get you lost weight, appear years younger and have a general healthy living and feeling. The other 2 phases are optional and are designed for bodybuilding buffs whom even on older age wanted to look like those bodybuilders of the younger generations.

Learn About The Old School New Body Program

Steve and Becky Holman have come out recently with the updated and revised version of their remarkable product, Old School New Body System.

The weight loss and diet program that is geared towards improving health standards to people in their 40’s and beyond. Have you been asking a lot lately why is this program getting famous and why are people in the media giving it too much attention? The program works, that is why people are just into it and talking about it.

Hold back a little and avoid to be super excited, this program is designed and engineered for people who are older, so if you are just 35 and even younger, this may not work too well for you. It can even lead to your frustrations. The program has its own unique targeted audience that it clearly stands out for.

Before there were steroids, new protein enhancements and other growth supplements became the fad and widely used, old school way of working out was the way to go if you wanted a good muscle mass gain and a healthy body. No wonder the name old school was used in the program.

The entire program is so easy to use because it incorporates all the much needed important elements of the old school ways of workout and dieting into just 90 minutes a week. This is also to comply with the age limiting factor that people who will be using the program are not as young as they used to be, so they don’t want their bodies overworked and worn out.

The entire program consists of 3 phases and major methods of working out. The first of these is the Lean phase workouts. This is the heart of the Old School New Body system, and it is said that even with this phase alone, one can achieve the body of his dreams even at this late of his/her age.

The diet and workout here is focused on losing weight and body toning. The next 2 are ideal for those who wanted to be buff and grow muscle mass even when beyond 40. They are called the Shape Phase and the Build Phase. Some may consider them already as bonuses and extras in this already hot program.

To summarize, the program is your personal fountain of youth. Don’t you know that by the age of 40 your body is getting older twice as fast as it was before? No wonder there are people who are in the early 40’s that looked like they are in their 50’s. the body aged from 6 months to 1 year of additional deterioration.

But if you look at the users of Old School New Body System, particularly the authors, Steve and Becky Holman, you will be in shock to know that they are over 50 both of them, but they have the physique and fit body of a mid-30-year-old. Steve is well ripped to the core.

That is the power of the Old School New Body System.

You Can Still Look Good Even When You Are Over 40

Have you envied the young people when you see them walking around?

They have their peak age looking bodies and they are filled with youthful glare and they are mostly fit and healthy. When we hit the age of 40 and above, our bodies tend to slow down on health and fitness. You will find it very hard to do the task, sports and exercises that used to be an easy cakewalk for you, and you tend to have shortness of breath to the most mundane task.

old school new body review
old school new body review

All of these are normal. Your body’s metabolism is not what it used to be, and in actuality, the body aged faster by 6 months to a year, this just means one thing, the older you get the faster the deterioration of the body. But don’t worry just yet, there is a chance for you to reverse the aging process. This can be achieved with the Old School New Body System.

The Program is a workout, fitness and diet system that is designed for the targeted age group of 35 and up. It has put into considerations all the things mentioned earlier in our introduction and has made an effort to counter all of them. The author has been the very first user of the product, Steve Holman is already way beyond 50 and yet he will show you the body you can get when you follow the system to the letter.

There are no limitations and only you can conquer yourself. Even when Steve is nearing 60, his body is in top shape, very ripped and his wife Becky is also well toned as with him. So be sure to be surprised if the product will work for you too!

The good thing about the program is that it is fully customizable; the author knew that there would be different goals for each one of us, and the author has addressed this and understand this. He made sure that whatever your goals may be, there is a right program from The Old School New Body that will be right for you.

Also another positive from this E-book is that most of the workouts featured for the different goal system is just 90 minutes per week. And the diet inside is not super strict and just right to give you enough energy and not lead you to not eating and skipping meals.

With all of these said, did you know that a healthy body will reflect with a healthy aura and mindset? People who are healthy in their later years would appear young and happy. And their families and friends will surely see the difference. So instead of aging faster by 6 months to a year when you are an above 40 man or woman, be prepared to be mistaken up to 10 years than your age.

The last benefit that you should see about this program and ebook is that it offers a 60-day money back guarantee. They will ask no questions about your complaints, but generally if you are not satisfied with the product and not getting the results that you wanted.

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