Unit One Blog

I signed up for the SXSW class because it seemed like a fun, new experience for myself as a musician and businessperson, but also as a way to meet new people and hopefully find new opportunities in the music industry. Seeing artists who are just breaking into the scene and getting the chance to talk to them in a smaller-scale setting can help me, as an artist, to find ways to move my own music career forward.

I came to McNally with the hopes (as most musicians do) of making it big as a singer. Today, those dreams are still alive but I gained a more realistic view of how success happens in the music industry. It isn’t overnight and it isn’t by waiting for a big 3 label exec to miraculously find you. But I have learned a lot in my 4 years at McNally. My vocal technique became way better and I got to experience 2 years in a very challenging touring vocal ensemble (CVE). I learned how to put a band together and organize my own recitals and shows. I learned how to be a background singer and perform in live settings. I learned a ton from doing my business minor such as contracts, touring, and networking. And I also learned about musical theatre and acting skills.

My goals now would be to graduate, eventually move to LA, and get a job in a record company. I have an ultimate goal to go on tour as a singer, hopefully my own tour. But, if a random music job opportunity comes my way, I most likely will say yes. I am open to anything right now. SXSW would be a great opportunity to meet people in the industry that could either offer me a job opportunity or know of someone to refer me to. Honestly, I just want to make new friends and connections and do some research as to what I want to do for myself moving forward as an artist and a business.

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