A class field trip to the Milwaukee Public Market!

Today my ADPR class lucked out because our classroom was the Miwaukee Public Market. The whole day I have been looking forward to having the cornbread and chili combo from The Soup & Stock Market. Imediately when I got there I said hi to the class and ordered my dinner.

As I was eating I thought deeply about the cornbread that I hold near and dear to my heart. I came up with some questions to ask the man who served me, Francisco, at The Soup & Stock Market.

The first question I asked Francisco was what is the most popular item on their menu, hoping that he would say cornbread. Francisco said that the African Peanut Soup is the all time crowd favorite. I guess I will have to try that out now! I let Francisco know that my favorite is the cornbread and that I had a few questions for him about it.

I asked him where the cornbread was made. He said at there Bayview location because there is not enough space here at the Public Market. After this conversation I asked him what most people order with the cornbread, and of course his answer was “something warm like soup or chili.” Francisco mentioned that some people love the cornbread so much that they just order it on its own.

After talking about the cornbread, my favorite, I asked him what his favorite is since he works there. Francisco said his favorite was the Chicken Ceasar Wrap, which I didn’t even know was on the menu to be honest! They need some help advertising that one.

Overall, this was a great assignment. It pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and allowed me to get to know the Milwuakee area and its details even better. The highlight of this class was for sure talking with Lori Fredrich. Not only did she give me great tips on this assignment, but she also gave me some great suggestions of new restaurants to try in the Milwaukee area.

This was a class for the books. YUM!

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