Carls Mahoney, a Pop-tart addict….

Carley Mahoney is a crazy energizing bunny of roommate that loves to sing in the shower and sleep with her mouth and eyes WIDE OPEN…. It’s terrifying. She orders me white rice when she gets Chineese food, and that my friends is LOVE. Every morning Carley would start the day off with a strawberry poptart and cup of coffee. The list could go on and on with fun facts about this lovely girl. As I already mentioned we were roommates last year in Abbotsford and now we are close friends, so interviewing her was very interesting. We got to learn more about the details of things we already knew about eachother. Here is a taste of what I learned from my interview with Carley:

For as long as I’ve known Carley she has had long blonde hair. Today I found out just why she’s never gotten a dramatic haircut. Carley states, “My long blonde hair is my safety net, and one of the things that has stayed constant throughout my life.” She went into further detail about how it boosts her self confidence. I’ve always loved her blonde, straight, long hair considering my hair is the complete opposite… Dark brown, curly and often on the shorter side. I think that Carley could pull off short hair, too bad we aren’t roommates anymore otherwise I’d cut it while she is sleeping... JUST KIDDING!

My next question was about Carley’s family. I know and have actually met both of Carley’s younger siblings, Molly and Kevin. I asked Carley who she has a better relationship with and the answer shocked to me. I assumed Molly her sister, who is the middle child, would be who she is closer to, but she actually said Kevin. Carley explained to me that yes, Molly and her are good friends because they are not too far apart in age and chat a lot more around the house. But she explained that Kevin is who she has the strongest relationship with because they connect more on an emotional level and often have the same opinions towards things.

My last question I asked Carley is who she looks up to the most. Carley right away said Grandma Nancy, who actually went to Marquette! I asked her to give me some details as to why Grandma Nancy is “The BEST!” Carley told me about how Grandma Nancy treats her more like a friend and not so much like a granddaughter, which means a lot to her. Mahoney states, “She always keeps it together no matter what and never looses her temper.” Carley expressed that she wants to be just like Grandma Nancy when she is older.

Overall, I loved learning about the fun loving Carley Mahoney. She has taught me so much throughout this past year here at Marquette. Together we are absolute crazies who never stop dancing, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to learn more about my good friend when I thought I knew just about everything…

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