Going Out On A Friday In Your Early 20s Vs. Your Late 20s

Friday night in my early 20s was only one thing: PARTY! My motto was party like a rockstar and I really did it!

Friday night in my late 20s is much different. After work I can’t wait to go home and stay all night in bed with a glass of wine. And the first difference is the alcohol, I prefer more wine than vodka.

Every single Friday I am facing a huge dilemma: to go out with my friends or to spend the night with my other best friends (bed, pillow, blanket). In my early 20s there was only yes. Party? Yes! Alcohol? More Vodka? Totally Yes!

Staying even one night at home was such a waste of time! The days when I was really tired, or I had midterms I was feeling depressed. In my early 20s I was full of life, energy, I was dressing up with the sexiest dresses.

But in my early 20s I met my boyfriend and in my late 20s he is still with me, which means that I am not that old and miserable.

I am not wearing too sexy dresses for a Friday night but I’ve got amazing designer pieces. My style is much better than in my early 20s.

Now, just the idea to dress up like I am going to a wedding only for a Friday night, terrifies me a lot! T-shirt is okay!

May be the reason I prefer staying at home is because my house is simply amazing! There are always flowers, everything is perfectly cleaned up and it smells like a cherry blossom.

The most important: my kitchen!

Early 20s: A place that holds my microwave.
Late 20s: A place that holds the ingredients I will use to prepare meals with my own hands.

Early 20s: Oh no! too much effort for what?
Late 20s: If I don’t workout 4 times a week my muscles will atrophy!

Early 20s: Something I drink to offset all the alcohol in my body.
Late 20s: Something I drink because it is very important for my body and for my metabolism.

Farmer’s Markets:
Early 20s: 8:30 in the morning? No way, I am going to bed after a party!
Late 20s: Hey baby, get the reusable bags, let’s get there before 8am to get the freshest veggies and milk products!

I found gifs that describes all the differences between early and late 20s and they are total truth!

Facebook invites, early 20s:

Facebook invites, late 20s:

Motivation for going out in your early 20s:

Motivation, late 20s:

The Drink, early 20s:

The Drink, late 20s:

The Outfit, early 20s:

The Outfit, late 20s:

Saturday Night, early 20s:

Saturday Night, late 20s:

The Venue, early 20s:

The Venue, late 20s:

Finding out someone was gossiping about you, early 20s:

Finding out someone was gossiping about you, late20s

Excitement, early 20s:

Excitement, late 20s:

Trying to lose five pounds, early 20s: no problem!

Late 20s: Bye-bye, metabolism!

Trying to get money in your early 20s: parents!

Trying to get money in your late 20s: parents!

Confidence, early 20s:

Confidence, late20s:

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