Disappointed Yet Delighted

Yes, I was one of the girls who everyone had expected to get the lead role. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed when I didn't see my name where everyone else had looked for it to be. Although, it didn't hurt me as much as it made me feel like I let a lot of people down. When you have so many people telling you that you’re going to succeed, you feel obligated to do so. Well guess what, plot twist, I’m the student director.

I mean I kind of knew this would happen. You see, the day I went to go pick up the script for auditions, on my way out of the room Mr. Ott said, “Olivia student director sign ups are on the back of the paper.” He smiled at me and from that point on I could see it in my future.

Although I've only had four years of experience in musical theater, I've learned a lot within that time. I also had built a bond with our director Mr. Ott during last years play and over the summer. Having the position as one of the choreographers, I got to spend a lot of time with him. He’s kind of a soft spoken person and I love to yell at people, so I've always helped him out when he needs to say something, it’s a nice relationship.

Even though I did not receive the lead role, my desire to have a solo will satisfied. I’ll be singing “Hallelujah” during one of the scenes of the play. I’m pretty pumped for that. I also received the role of the fairy god mother. This will still give me the chance to be on stage doing what I love with the people that I've come to know, and occasionally love. We’re drama kids, so we all know that we can be pretty annoying at times.

I’m extremely happy to be the student director. It gives me a position where I’ll be able to share my passion for theater with all of the other kids. That’s really exciting for me because I’ll get to watch people grow stronger on stage, and knowing that I’ll have something to do with that makes me ecstatic. Not to mention I’ll still get to be on stage with everyone, as well as choreographing dances.

I don’t want to hear anything negative out of any of the kids. It doesn't matter if they can’t see a certain person as a specific role. To be honest their opinion means nothing so I wouldn't complain to anyone, especially me. I wasn't there during auditions, and for all I know, the girls who did get the lead could have kicked my butt. Either way I’m very proud of both of them, and I’m excited to help them along the way with whatever they need. There’s a lot to look forward to and I’m excited to see how everything will pull together.