Week 5 — HOW LATE AM I?!

Going to take this (last) week’s post to post my “I am from” poem. WARNING: I do use a naughty word (don’t tell my mom). I am including images with my poem of myself because maybe it will give you a little look into where I come from.

I am from the surrounding farms,

the loud train across the street.

I am from state championship titles,

and corn feeds.

I am from tator tot hotdish,

lutefisk that no one really eats.

I am from lefse,

and Boones Farm around the campfire.

I am from singing at weddings,

and recording videos on my bedroom floor.

I am from “you are strong,”

and “you can do anything.”

I am from “shit happens,”

and from “shake it off” (but certainly not of the Taylor Swift variety).

I am from Jeff and Kaaren,

James and Claire.

I am from veterans,

and I am here.

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