How is this “series” feature working? Medium some help please.

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Well, first, I am new to Medium as an author, and when I first saw their “series” feature, I got excited. I write a fictional blog in a series format and therefore, I thought that was the perfect feature for my writing style. Since then, I have just been increasingly confused.

1) The mobile app does not update automatically

It could be the phone itself, but the Medium application does not update well when it comes to series. I see the morning edition if it’s morning or the afternoon one if it’s afternoon. With series, I can’t see what’s new, except for the Editor’s picks. Is that on purpose?

2) The stats for “series” are not available on the app

Since I mainly write with the “series” format, I would love to see the stats, but they are not available for the mobile application. I must go to the desktop version to see numbers. Once again, is that on purpose?

3) I never get a push notification when a “series” is updated

I think the title speaks for itself ;-)

4) There is no categorisation of the series

Medium, it would be good for “series” writer to choose in which category the series falls into, and a quick summary of the series before we even follow the series would be excellent as well. At the moment, the only thing that can attract me to read a series is the title and the picture.

5) Drop-down menu or a table of content with clickable chapters

I already wrote 11 chapters, and I don’t think the feature can accommodate a big amount of writing (I could be wrong). But let’s suppose, there are 100 pages and I accidentally click on “Go to beginning” Oh My God!!!! Then, I have to manually turn the 100 pages back to the last page I read.

I probably moan because I am not used to reading novels on Kindle or iPad. I just think this feature has a lot of potentials, but as of today, it is a struggle to use it as a writer.

Vanessa is a medical student/mother and started Olivia’s New Life blog, a fictional story loosely based on her life. The main character, Olivia is a 31-year-old mother, turning her back on a corporate career to become a doctor. If you want to download the first five chapters, just click here.