Weird Dude Energy
Paul Spring

I was compelled to read your piece after seeing your response to mine opinion on the same subject. I think I agree with you that the weird dude energy you are generally speaking of in this piece is harmless, and while often hyper-masculine and potentially irritating, is not always coming from a purposefully offensive place. Still, I think that the fine line between what is harmful and what is harmless can be easily crossed when weird dude energy manifests in a groupthink platform. I discussed the entitlement that oozes out of specific 4chan threads, and how misogyny can foster into something more sinister in those scenarios.

I have no problem with, and even enjoy the notion of expressing oneself in goofy or stupid ways. The video of the guy stealing a plane was pretty lit. I guess I am very wary of the internet circle-jerks that often form online, and the ways those can manipulate into something rather terrible.

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