My Summer Internship with LRNG

An internship is a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training. Before the summer of 2016, this description meant very little to me because all of my friends who had been home for a month talked about how they did nothing but file papers and run errands as their internship positions. I was nervous to begin my summer internship experience with LRNG, with this perceived notion that I would be doing what my friends had told me. LRNG not only proved me wrong, but they took the idea of an internship to a new level.

The first day I began my summer internship with LRNG I was personally greeted by every single employee who told me how excited they were that I was joining the team. I sat in on their Monday morning meeting where they discussed ideas for the week and encouraged me to ask questions. This was the moment that I knew my experience at LRNG wasn’t going to be like the internships my friends had talked about; I felt as if I was an important part of the team. I no longer felt like the young new intern, but an employee who was surrounded by intelligent, experienced individuals who I could learn from and look up to.

I hit the ground running on my first day, learning how to review LRNG playlist content and score youth work projects. I worked directly with employees to understand how the online platform works to close the opportunity gap and provide an innovative way of learning. As a student myself I was able to understand and connect to the platform much differently than the adults and the LRNG team acknowledged that through their praise of my contributions- it was such a rewarding feeling!

After a few weeks on the job I was sent on a mission to interview and write profiles on some of the youth whose work I was scoring. This allowed me to see first-hand how the education program was helping the underprivileged students in cities around California. After I wrote the profile we then used the content to put on the LRNG website. I was able to put my journalism, anthropology, and marketing skills to practical use! I was given the freedom to be creative, but at the same time was given constructive feedback on what worked and how I could improve to make my work better.

As meaningful as the work was, it was only half of what made my internship at LRNG so special. Everyone I met and worked with treated me with the utmost respect and equality even though I came in with little experience. I am appreciative of the LRNG staff and so lucky to have worked with individuals who showed me what it means to be innovative, engaged, and action oriented. LRNG truly stands by their motto of connecting passion to purpose and just like the youth earn badges from their online platform, I feel as if I have earned my own badge through my summer internship.

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