How Can You Find the Best Women Shoe Manufacturer?

It is not uncommon for people to get mails from other individuals to get their own companies started and asking to help them look for the right manufacturer. Let’s face it! Finding the best distributor dealing with women shoes probably seems to be the second biggest challenge when it comes to starting a fashion company.

You know that you will not be able to sell or even promote your company without following the right manufacturing channel, unless you decide to make the production run on your own.

Here are some important steps to be considered when it comes to finding the right women shoe manufacturer:

1. Recognize what you are making — Different countries make a lot of different items. For instance, when we talk about footwear, especially women shoes, the well-known manufacturing countries would be China, Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam and so on and so forth. Specialist products like footwear and fashionable clothing are generally produced in some places.

2. Start to research women shoe manufacturers — Researching manufacturers is not a task that can be achieved in the blink of an eye. While some of the manufacturers can be found online easily, there are others that have a proper website. So, here are a few tips to consider:

Ask people around. Have contacts in the industry? If yes, find out the women shoe manufacturers they are using.

Talk to your suppliers (if you have any). You perhaps have sourced fabrics, materials or other services, so you must ask them if they can recommend you a good manufacturer.

Do an online search. Though considered tough because there are many, you can really find the right one with an established presence over the Internet.

Other industry sources can be trade shows, trade magazines, websites etc. They have reasonable information on manufacturing.

3. Interview your manufacturer — Shortlisted a number of potential factories? If yes, you need to get in touch with them and find out if their services will be beneficial to you. Also, if they are willing to work for you. It’s important for you to make a note that manufacturers should not be approached with a mindset “I’m a customer”. This is because it’s not easy to work with manufacturers and the best ones are valuable. Therefore, there are some questions that you must ask the manufacturers.

4. Check your calendars — If you think this manufacturer is willing to work for you, then you must make sure they have the time to help you when needed. Do provide them with a rough estimate of the collection of women shoes as well as production schedule. You may be unaware of quantities until now, but have come with an approximate number, and see if they can let you step in.

Why is Turkey one of the top shoe manufacturing countries?

Turkey, being one of the topnotch shoes manufacturing countries, produces about 175 million pairs of shoes a year. You can find many Turkey women shoe manufacturers that have been serving fashionable and sophisticated women with the highest quality shoes.