QuickBooks Remote File Hosting: Blessing for accounting professional

QuickBooks hosting generally known that the application and data file are stored on remote server, QuickBooks software are installed on cloud servers, rather than on your local computer. When accessing your QuickBooks file, it looks like you are running the application directly from your local computer, but your data are safe and secure on cloud servers. You can access your data from any MAC, Windows PC, iPhone or Android devices. You just need only an internet connected device to access and work on QuickBooks data file.

Hosted QuickBooks in a remote server environment makes it more reliable and flexible as accounting professionals can login from any location and can work on same file simultaneously. The hosting provider allows all of editions and versions of QuickBooks to install and run on their terminal server.

There are many reasons why businesses host their accounting data file outside of their office:

  • The cost of IT is too high for them on an ongoing basis.
  • They don’t have the network infrastructure systems in place
  • They do not want to pay extra money for IT infrastructure
  • The local hosting environment in not secure for them

They don’t know more about data disaster recovery method to feel confident in the successful recovery of their QuickBooks files.

Before choosing a cloud hosting, you may always consider reliable and scalable hosting provider for hosting QuickBooks software or other applications. A good hosting service provider offers mentioned qualities.

* Easy to use

* 24/7/365 Security and support.

* Reduce sales, marketing and IT support cost

* No Setup fee or hidden charges

* Affordable Pricing and more transparency

* 99% uptime.

* Multiple location redundancy.

* No data loss

* Use of MS Word and MS Excel and other applications or add-ons as needed at no additional charge.

* Anywhere, anytime access to your data, even from your Android or iPhones mobile devices.

* Support all browsers and operating systems

QuickBooks cloud hosting is a remote cloud infrastructure technology where is application are installed. The installed application can be access from anywhere at any time through any Windows or MAC devices, even it can be access from mobile devices. QuickBooks cloud hosting support all of browsers and operating system. QuickBooks cloud hosting provide all functionality and feature as local computer installed software. Hosted QuickBooks can be easily update and upgrade by hosing provider demand on users without paying any extra charge. With QuickBooks cloud hosting users do not need to worry about the data files, the hosting service provider take care of your data and back up at least 30 days of QuickBooks files on their backup server. And provide successful data recovery in disaster time.

Thus we can say, the QuickBooks cloud hosting is the best option for accounting professional who want to access the file from remote location and reduce the time and money, save and run the QB data on secure high speed terminals server.