The software update that fixed my brain

This update is called “Meditation”. And it changed everything for me.

Meditation is a chance to connect with “the texture of life”.

To remind myself that life is fundamentally good. And to really feel its essence and vibration.

Because here’s the thing: we’ll die soon and we were born not that long ago. Our existence is just a tiny little blip on the gigantic scales of the Universe.

But for this very short period of time, well, we get to experience existence.

We get to feel the Universe. This crazy thing that existed long before we were born and that will still be there long after we’re gone.

And that’s a truly wonderful thing. But it’s also very easy to forget all about it when we’re lost in our thoughts and fears.

It’s very easy to be disconnected from the Universe, and the essence of life itself, in our daily lives. To only think about our problems. Sometimes for most of our life. And to end up wasting it all away.

So when I meditate I focus on my breath. And I think of my breath as life itself.

I focus on my breath and I connect with life. My mind focuses on life. It tries to feel its texture. To connect with its true essence. To feel that life is fundamentally good.

Then it’s easier to put my problems into perspective and avoid being overwhelmed by them.

Meditation makes it possible to control my reactions to the things that are bothering me. To realize that my problems are a temporary thing. They only matter if I let them disconnect me from the Universe within.

This practice cured my lifelong depression. It also stopped my daily panic attacks. It keeps my fears and anxieties in check.

It’s a software update that fixed my brain.

It’s a daily practice, and it changed everything for me.