Providing consumers with privacy safeguards in the age of the data-driven economy is not only achievable but also a sound business strategy.

We live in a data-driven economy. Our digital devices are continually keeping track of our actions and preferences, and using this data to determine the best content to serve us. That content might be anything from news stories to videos to advertisements. And with our data, businesses know what media experiences are most likely to make us “tick” the way they want us to.

But what about what the consumer wants? While consumers are embracing expanding opportunities to…

Over-the-top digital video ads are driving incremental & untapped reach & frequency, but many challenges remain.

“Incremental” growth

The past decade has seen people flock to online streaming services. Conventional TVs are quickly disappearing from the living room, viewers are abandoning cable subscriptions in huge numbers, and traditional broadcasting is all but obsolete. With the home entertainment sector undergoing an enormous transformation in recent years, it’s perhaps no wonder marketers have been lamenting the death of TV advertising. Only TV advertising isn’t dead at all. It’s just changed; evolved much like any other advertising medium. People are now consuming more video content…

Streaming Video Alliance in Murray Hill, New Jersey Hosted by Member Nokia

Originally published on the Conviva blog.

Pete Mastin (Watson Media, Strategy & Business Development, IBM) and Olivier Wellmann (VP Product, Conviva) discuss how the media leverages AI.

It is becoming increasingly visible that cognitive systems are creating a new type of partnership between humans and technology. There are matters that human excel at such as common sense, morals, imagination, and dilemmas. Moreover, there are places where cognitive systems outshine humans such as analytics pattern identification, locating knowledge, natural language processing at scale, machine learning, or even eliminating biases…

This year’s International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (Inter BEE) just wound up in Chiba, Japan. It featured over a thousand exhibitors and 40,000 attendees with dozens of sessions on every conceivable topic from sports broadcasting to virtual reality and everything in between.

This year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2017) highlighted many of the hottest trends in media delivery. Presenters talked about everything from virtual reality to news content in a world of “alternative facts.” Artificial intelligence in support of decision making was a catalyst for change. Attentive attendees noticed that a significant shift was on display: Over-The-Top was everywhere, and the Internet companies had arrived at the show with the likes of Google, Amazon, and Akamai leading the pack.

In the most of these activities, Publishers now are refining their digital strategies and moving outside the traditional network channels. Most have fully…

Recently, Rick Tywoniak, Cisco’s Sr Director of DevNet, as well as Kate Grochowski, Editor at, and Olivier Wellmann, VP Product at Conviva, joined an online seminar to discuss how to best optimize a developer community.

The discussion revolved around a few key points:

  • Why developer programs are increasing in importance?
  • What it means to optimize their implementation.
  • Infrastructure best practices that could be applied to developer programs of all kinds.

Rick shared that as Cisco evolves from hardware to software company, the importance of developer programs increases exponentially, evidenced by DevNet’s rapid growth to nearly half a million developers…

Advertising was once more art than science. The successful ad man was both magician, and storyteller, reading the pulse of the buying public, like a ship’s captain reading the wind. There were polls, and focus groups, but at the end of the day it came down to hunches and intuition. You knew you were right when sales took off.

Math, Science or Art of Advertising

That is drastically changing today with the arrival of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the explosion of the data collected directly from the consumers. Marketers shift from speaking at consumers, and towards establishing ongoing, real-time conversations with customers and…

Olivier Wellmann

many years of product management for tech companies & start-up. passionate about the Internet, TV & technologies. on the lookout for future disruptive models

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