Baldgorilla | Digital Agency in Montreal

Founded in 2001 Baldgorilla is a creative Web development agency that offers complete interactive solutions to today’s high end businesses.


Baldgorilla was born out of a passion for problem solving through cutting-edge technology solutions. Part digital services, part software solutions, our “boutique agency” is the true picture of the new face of online marketing service providers.

The driving force behind Baldgorilla is to find innovative, cost effective and ergonomically well-designed software solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. In turn, these solutions help our customers: gain efficiencies, strengthen their customer loyalty and maintain their competitive advantages.

We do this day-in and day-out with a dedicated team of focused professionals, working with the best tools in the business.

Although our customer base is very wide and the markets we serve are divers, we have developed specialty world-class digital solutions for several business sectors including big-box retail, on-line publishing and health care, just to name a few.


We are a software and media development agency. Our limitless vision of technology and passion for design has helped a growing number of companies develop solid and compelling integrated solutions.

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