“Instead, let’s focus on whether or not fossil-fuel-based plants actually were closed”
James Mercé Edwards

Why would you celebrate the fact that it’s “now possible to generate sufficient energy from renewables”? It seems like you are celebrating for the sake of celebrating. You have to define properly what you mean with “sufficient”.

I believe wind power is here to give us access to low-carbon energy. “Sufficient energy”, in that perspective, is enough to be able to significantly reduce total emissions, so if you agree with this, the proper question seems to me: why didn’t we turn off fossil-fuel-based power plants (as they are the ones emitting the most).

Now I do agree there’s an occasion for celebrating the transition to wind. But most articles celebrate a victory (100% wind). We need to be accurate.

This will force us to focus on storage, and quantify the transition and installation of storage systems to be able to reach 100% wind.

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