What food should I to eat for muscle gain?

This is the question which get asked again and again. The truth is you should purely based on what your goal is.

As you train to gain muscle mass, your body will need more and more energy to maintain progress. It takes more energy to build muscle, but you have to remember that your new muscle will also start to burn more calories. If you don’t eat enough every day to keep up, you will quickly reach a plateau that you cannot bust through with training alone.

In addition to increasing your calories, you have to maintain the quality of your food intake. That means doing what it takes to get enough protein, carbs, and healthy fats without making bad choices. You can’t make the mistake of thinking that you can start eating candy bars and drinking sodas in order to get the calories that you need to keep adding muscle. We know that doesn’t work.

The best thing you can do is prepare ahead of time. Stock-up on protein. Wild fish is an excellent source, as is lean pork, chicken, bacon, tuna, turkey, and beef. Carbs are super important when training hard. Not eating enough will quickly deplete your body of glycogen, which your body burns to provide energy to your muscles and CNS (Central Nervous System) during intense training. Without the fuel, you cannot be intense, and you cannot grow strong. Sweet potatoes and even rice are your friends, especially after a heavy squat session.

Fat is a dense caloric source, but it’s also very important for hormone regulation. To make the muscle building hormone testosterone, for example, you need a diet rich in high- quality fats. Some good sources include avocado, olive oil, nut butters, coconut oil and animal fat, like bacon drippings.

What food should I avoid?

If you’re going to fail, it will probably be because of what you drink.

Check your drinking habits. You just won’t be successful if you are swigging back soda, apple juice or multiple glasses of wine every day — it doesn’t matter if it has got sugar in it or not. The more often you are exposed to sweet and processed ingredients, the fatter you get.

You also want to avoid processed meats and microwavable meals. Here’s a simple rule — If dinner comes in a box with a long list of ingredients, skip it. Your strength and health are far more important. Think whole foods are too expensive? Maybe you should look into why processed food is so cheap.