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Time flies, doesn’t it? The world keeps turning around and we continue to create and invent to fulfil our needs. Some might say to fulfil our greed.

In this Dualarity news update you will find my eyecatchers, my human observations, my favourite quotes and my personal sparkles of the past few months.

So what are they?


  • Tencent became the first Asian (Chinese) company to pass the bar of $500 billion market value joining the top 10
  • Bitcoin passed the bar of $10.000
  • Robot Dynamics’ Atlas robot can now do a backflip
  • Synthetic muscle breakthrough could lead to ‘lifelike’ robots (Columbia…

The Industrial revolution 4.0 created the Digital Consumer, Citizen, Government and Enterprise. Are you Native, Savvy, Incumbent, Ignorant or Immigrant?

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This infographic shows aha moments when people realised what to do with their lives. Bill Gates, Microsoft, realised that he needed to sell his product before he made it and that’s what he did. Brad Pitt, the actor, realised that for him graduating mattered less than being an actor two weeks before graduation. Steve Jobs wanted a computer interface as pretty as the calligraphy of his college campus posters.

Did you find your small or big AHA Sparkle moment?

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How can we make Public Services Public Again? How can de code a better government? What can we learn from Singapore, Australia, Canada and Japan? What can you do as a citizen?

Governments around the world are being challenged with the pace of change around them and the legacy foundations they inherited from the previous generations.


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The Years of the Bans

China bans Winnie The Pooh, Turkey bans Charles Darwin and the US has Steve ‘Ban’non.

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The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Socrates

Our future holds great opportunity but new risks at the same time. Some people will not be sure this is for them. And right now you might find yourself in the camp of the believers or in the camp of the non-believers. Some might feel like they’re sitting on a burning platform in the open sea, waiting for the perfect storm to hit. Some might not take action and wait like the boiling frog to be cooked.

Today we can solve paradoxes like combining customisation with scale or increasing…

I hate the word disruption in Digital Disruption. Last one? 65M years ago! A meteorite killed most of earth’s life, incl. #dinosaurs #disruption #Digital

Olivier Van Duüren

International Public Speaker, Trend Sensemaker, Executive Whisperer and Author. I help businesses to sparkle in their personal & business transformation

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