All You Need To Know About Hand Knotted Wool Rugs

A rug is one of the most cost-effective ways to elevate the look and feel of a room. Just put it on the floor and it instantly transforms the aesthetics of the space. This is the reason handmade rugs are being used since ancient times to decorate homes. A plethora of unique designs and craftsmanship can be seen in handmade rugs.

Hand knotted rugs are weaved individually by a single weaver to create exclusive intricate patterns and designs. Depending upon the design and size of the rug, it could take anywhere between 30 days to 8 years to complete a rug.

Buying a genuine handmade rug can be a daunting task. Here are a few essential points you must keep in mind during the rug buying process.

Know About The Types Of Knots

Commonly, there are three types of knots that are used in making hand knotted rugs. They are: Persian knot, Turkish knot and Jufti knot. Rugs with made out with Persian knots are lighter than rugs made from Turkish knots. Jufti knots are known as false knots and allow the crafts men to create the rugs in a comparatively lesser time. This is why Jufti knot rugs are sold at cheaper prices.

Fabric Of The Rug

Rugs are commonly woven from silk, wool or a combination of both. Rugs woven from silk are extremely luxurious and expensive. For daily use, hand knotted wool rugs are the best. And if you want to buy a more premium looking rug but within your budget, you can go for the one which is made out from wool and silk both.

How To Decide The Value Of A Rug?

Value of the rug is primarily decided by the design, size, time taken to prepare it, material and the number of knots in the rug. Pay close attention to all these points to evaluate the right value of a hand knotted rug.


While a rug is knitted, the hand tufted rugs are prepared on canvas. Tufting gun punches the tracing pattern over the canvas on which the rug is knitted. After the rug is complete, decorative cloth is stitched at the back to make it look good and protect the fringe from any damage. Fringe is extremely important to keep the rug together.

Fringe also acts as the most credible sign that the rug is hand knotted. You will never see the fringe being stitched or glued to the rug.

If you keep these points in mind, nobody would ever be able to dupe you. Go ahead and buy extra large area rugs for living rooms or any other room from a reputable online store.

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