Recently I was designing a new product from scratch and created a design system from the beginning. This has proven to be beneficial when a new member joined the team and immediately managed to start contributing to the project. This inspired me to share my experience.

A screenshot from the design system in figma
A screenshot from the design system in figma

Where to start?

  1. Use an existing one
  2. Create your own

The Start — Colors and typography

Recently I’ve been working on a design sprint, where we were testing the communication between a company and its customers. We ended up using quite unusual prototyping tools and I thought that this experience is worth sharing.

User testing flowchart
User testing flowchart
Our user testing flow had 2 potential paths the user could take.


Spoiler: It works and it’s really easy to use. Here is what I learned and some tips to get started.

Thunkable screenshot showing the interface
Thunkable screenshot showing the interface
This is what the Thunkable interface looks like

It works and it’s more powerful than I thought

Coming from Architecture, I see the user experience as more than what’s happening on the screen. As I always thrive for simplicity, I was fascinated by these amazing low-tech solutions I encountered during my trip to Japan last year.

1. There is a way to rethink everything

Paper questionnaire where you press the answers using fingers
Paper questionnaire where you press the answers using fingers

My favourites, that helped me discover the world of User Experience. This list covers a broad overview of topics such as design, strategy and psychology.

1. The design of everyday things

2. UX Strategy. How to devise innovative digital products that people want

  • If you are a designer, it will help you “talk business” and design for business goals.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, it will help you validate…

My recent move from London to Zurich made me realise that there are fewer UX Designers per company in Switzerland than in the UK. That discovery made me reflect on the reasons behind the existence of UX, and how it can contribute to businesses.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

“Companies with top-quartile McKinsey Design Index scores outperformed industry-benchmark growth by as much as two to one.”

1. Achieve your business goals

Trying to find myself in the new field that is at first glance very different to what I was doing before, I’m exploring the many similarities in these two fields. I studied and/or practised architecture in 5 European countries, so my experience might differ from others.


The speed


Aleksandra Walczak

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