Top 10 Automobile Technologies Coming in the Next 10 Years

Jason Marks
Jan 25 · 21 min read
Ford’s Model T Assembly Line (source)
Ferrari LaFerrari Aerodynamic Elements Taken from F1 Race Car (source)

1. Level 3/4 Autonomy

Waymo’s Autonomous Vehicles (source)
SAE “Levels of Driving Automation” Chart, December 2018 (source)
Example Categorized Data of Image and Labels (source)
NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Self-Driving Car Platform (source)

2. Micromobility

Electric Unicycle (source)
A Wild Flock of Bird Scooters (source)
Toyota i-Road Concept (source)

3. Smaller, More Efficient Electric Motors

Compact, Axial Flux Electric Motor for Electric Airplane (source)
Rinspeed’s Snap Concept with Separate Chassis and Passenger Compartment (source)
Scalable Architecture of Magnax’s Axial Flux Motor (source)
Orbis Ring Drive Hub Motor Deconstructed (source)

4. Solid State Batteries

Lithium-Ion vs Solid-State Battery (source)
Thomas Parker’s 1884 Battery Electric Vehicle (source)
Lithium-Ion Battery Charge/Discharge (source)
Toyota’s Plans for Solid State, and eventually Lithium-Air Batteries (source)

5. Electric Charging Technology

Hypothetical Wireless EV Car Charging Lane (source)
SAE J1772 Charging Level Diagram (source)
CHAdeMO 2.0’s 400kW Proposed Connector (source)
Tesla’s Battery Swap Proposal (source)
Estimated Number of Chargers Needed (source)
EV Charging Scenarios (source)

6. Sensors for Perception

LiDAR Point Cloud Data Showing Velocity of Object (source)
DeepRay’s AI Unobscuring a Fish Tank Image (source)
Representative Sensor Fusion between camera, LiDAR and Radar (source)

7. Wireless Technology

Cadillac’s V2V Diagram (source)
V2P/N/V/I Diagram (source)
One Take on the Benefits of 5G for AVs (source)

8. Automotive Materials and Manufacturing Processes

World’s First 3D Printed Car by Local Motors (source)
Concept Car Made from Bamboo (source)
Interior of 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom (source)
3D Printed Metal Water Connectors from Audi’s W12 Engine (source)

9. Fully-Active Suspension

ClearMotion’s Fully Active Suspension (source)
ClearMotion Suspension System (source)

10. Purpose-Built Enabling Technologies

Civil Maps, an Edge-based HD Mapping and Localization Platform Company (source)
Nuro’s Self-Driving Delivery Platform (source)

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