Innovation in the fitness industry

The global adoption of the internet and the ever growing demand for innovation in the fitness industry was inevitably going to lead to newfangled collaborations. In the last few years we have seen a significant increase in the amount of online fitness videos that are available to us and much of this content is free. Youtube is a rife with fitness channels as PT’s market their services with free workouts. There is a cornucopia of subscription websites offering online fitness programmes promising it’s users they’ll lose weight and gain muscle in no time at all. Some of the more prominent fitness websites have emerged on the back of the ever growing popularity of reality TV shows such as TOWIE and Georgie shore. The Z list celebrities that these shows produce are cashing in on their media spotlight, setting up fitness websites and promoting them by showing off their own weight loss and muscle toning success on TV.

More recently we have seen companies going a step further by offering live fitness options by streaming fitness classes online. Other companies are going further still by offering live and interactive classes via teleconferencing software giants such as Skype and Google hangouts. The ever growing demand for easier and more accessible fitness has led to huge steps in innovation and the use of the internet and mobile apps to further accelerate that innovation has never been more apparent.

Of course there are certain limitations to online and home workouts. The major and most obvious one being the lack of equipment that is available in comparison to a physical gym. However, perhaps by coincidence, we have also seen some significant shifts in fitness trends in recent years. We have witnessed a huge spike in the popularity of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and incorporating bodyweight movements into workouts instead of relying on less functional weight machines which significantly reduce the need for core strength whilst exercising. These trend shifts in the fitness industry have only added to the popularity of home workouts as the general public are becoming more educated and understand more and more that functional bodyweight exercise routines can be hugely effective. The popularity shifts coupled with the fact that the demand for efficient workouts as a result of the ever increasing pace of life have made the online fitness and home workout industry an exciting realm of development and innovation.

One of the major issues with having so much online fitness choice is the amount of misinformation that can be channeled at unsuspecting members of the public who are out to lose weight quickly and gain muscle even faster. Social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram are already saturated with pictures of beautifully sculpted men and men that are posted by PT’s and gyms promising that everyone can look the same by simply following their 12 week exercise programmes. And even those accounts that post these types of pictures for “motivational” purposes are undermining the primary reason why we SHOULD be engaging in regular fitness activities. The internet and subsequent social media explosion has led the fitness industry down a dark pathway of vanity and has brought the integrity of “real” health and fitness into disrepute.

Enter netWOD Fitness!!! netWOD is guilty of entering the innovative age of health and fitness but is doing so in a unique way. The purpose built proprietary software that netWOD has developed allows for interactive 2 way video fitness classes whereby the the professional instructors can see their class participants and train them in real time. What’s more, netWOD is less concerned about getting “numbers” into their live classes and instead only allow a maximum of 6 clients per class. That way the instructor can give consistent and timely feed back to participants and ensure that they are getting the most out of their workout. If you are joining a netWOD class you can expect to be greeted personally by name and receive direct and consistent feedback based on your form and technique. The level of personal interaction and directed feedback is a factor that sets netWOD Fitness apart from anyone else and the primary reason for this approach is our belief that health and fitness should be an integral part of our lives to create a healthier society. netWOD Fitness is purposefully moving away from evolving paradigm of vanity in the fitness industry and instead trying to promote health and fitness as a way of life.