Ollie Roberts has more than 10 year’s experience managing pasture — and he is keen to enhance other farmers’ management with software he has developed.

Ollie, 30, grew up on a 500-cow dairy farm in Tasmania’s north-west. It was while concurrently studying his Bachelor of Agriculture and an MBA that he developed an innovative solution to help farmers make better management decisions when grazing their cows.

The mission of his web application Pasture.io, is to revolutionise pasture management by providing farmers with a platform that lets them take greater control of their operation, for increasing farm productivity and profitability.


Minimum viable products (MVPs) are just that, the leanest form of a product or service required to deliver the core solution for an issue. Concentrating on the MVP is important for reducing wastage of resources such as time and money when developing products, and in my case, developing web applications such as Pasture.io and Milkflow.io. Concentrating on the MVP allows me to listen to feedback from you, the farmer, learn from your feedback and then develop from this feedback. This is essentially called the build-measure-learn feedback loop.

The quicker I can cycle around the build-measure-feedback loop, the quicker I can…

Every time you pull your phone out of your pocket, is it to answer a phone call, reply to a text or to simply check the time? Most likely all of the above, but I’d also think that your phone has become an integral part of your daily life for making farm management decisions.

The evolution of technology brings a dynamic and rich experience to your phone, which essentially allows everything, from the most common task of checking your local weather, to turning your centre pivot irrigation on or off. …

Dairy cows grazing pasture on my family dairy farm — NW Tasmania

Many pasture management programmes are severely limited in their approach for allowing users to do what they want with their own data. To simplify, most pasture management programmes don’t allow the farmer to make their own decisions, don’t allow the farmer to make the best decisions and ultimately don’t allow the farmer to graze their paddocks and feed their cows in one easy platform. This daily decision making may be second nature to the most experienced of pasture grazing farmers, but it still adds to the mental burden of daily decision making.

This is why I embarked on the journey…

Ollie Roberts

Developing leading farm management apps: Pasture.io & Milkflow.io

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