I, Racist
John Metta

A humbling article, Mr Metta. I’m a straight white guy from a middle-class family who grew up in the UK. In other words, everything has gone my way from the day I was born. I’m now living in continental Europe in a city with its own racial problems ; there are even problems within the minority groups themselves. I talk with my girlfriend — who is from one such minority group — about such things on quite a regular basis, and slowly but surely these feelings of “… Wait a minute” are starting to sink in. I’ve 30 followers on Twitter and around 600 Facebook friends. Hopefully a handful of those will read what I’ve shared.

On a similar note, Akala, a UK hip hop artist, aims a lot of his music at the youth of my generation and younger, trying to get them out of this spiral of decline brought along at least partly by the problems you discussed in your article. Well worth a listen.

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