I’m training my mind…

(This is an analogy)

Imagine the opportunity to enter a boxing ring with one of the greatest athletes in the game.

Imagine that winning this fight meant a life of deep satisfaction, continued happiness and absolute fulfillment for the rest of your days?

Before you get too excited though, you should know that your opponent has been developing their abilities for years — since birth really. They were born into a supportive family who identified their natural talent very early on and helped them hone their skills along the way.

They were taught everything they needed to know about how to box, how to train, what their strengths were and how to work around their weaknesses.

Ultimately, they were set up to become the absolute best fighter they could possibly be.

And today, you’re set to enter the ring with this formidable opponent.

Have you trained? Nope, certainly not as intensely or broadly as your opponent…

Have you ever fought at this level before? Nope, you’ve sparred with some friends who kind of know how to fight, but no, you’ve never really entered the ring properly before.

So, what do you think your chances are? Slim? Reckon you would reconsider this decision if you could?

What if it meant the ability to finally be the version of you that you always knew you should have been?

Here’s the real kicker — that person you’re about to enter the ring with is actually yourself. It’s the version of you that you would have been had you had all the training necessary to get to that point.

In order for you to win the battle to be the undisputed best version of you, you’re going to want to train — hard. You’re going to need to consume all of the information you can in order to prepare yourself up to the upper echelons of the potential you have. From there, it’s all about putting that knowledge into practice and training yourself as intensely as you possibly can. Once you’ve completed a few years of this intense training, you might then at least stand a chance of winning…

Of course, the above scenario is a metaphor, a metaphor for running your own show/life/business/self control — whatever it is.

In my own case, it’s about my business. It’s the realisation that, as happy as I am with the current version of myself, I know that I can and should be doing more, delivering more and kicking far bigger goals than I currently am.

The crux of all of this, is that as I move through life, my mind is the most powerful tool at my disposal.

It is, however, a particularly unwieldy tool (although I’m gradually reigning it in) and so I continue to work on educating myself to the point where I’ve got more control over my fears, my insecurities, my self discipline — lots of stuff that I know I can be better at.

Not only because the business I’m currently building demands it, but because I’d really like to think that one day I’ll be the absolute best version of me that I can be.

Mastery of your own mind is the key— that’s what will provide the foundation for mastery of EVERYTHING else.

Your mind is the ultimate tool at your complete disposal that will deliver to you almost everything you could ever want.

If you’re not the master of that tool, then it will almost certainly be the master of you and, unfortunately, it’ll have been programmed by everyone and everything else you’ve encountered during your life so far.

This isn’t all bad, of course. But I am pretty confident in saying that if you’re still reading right now, then it’s probably not all good either. If you’re feeling like you’re not coping, you’re not capable of levelling up, you’re lacking in abilities like commitment, self-discipline, patience or any other aspect of yourself, then it’s fair to say your mind is probably not in peak condition.

Time to get training!