Curt Schilling Just Gave A Crazy Interview

Schilling appeared on the Dave Portnoy Show to explain his firing from ESPN and his meme game

Curt Schilling just did a wild interview with Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports.

I can’t tell if he is a psychopath, the only honest guy left in the world, a bigot, dumb, smart, open-minded or what.

I have no idea.

It really is strange, and yet entertaining.

He consistently contradicts himself the further the interview goes on, but also makes some solid points.

He says Manny Ramirez is bipolar, claims he didn’t sell all his assets because he needed money, then says he sold everything he owns because he would have gone broke, says he wants to go on radio in Rhode Island to explain his failed business, then says he owes no one an explanation, explains why ESPN employs a bunch of racists, but says he isn’t racist or a bigot.

It’s a fascinating insight into this guys mind.

Take a listen.

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