A bad week for China

A Letter from China, IV

Yesterday I finally returned from a visa trip to Hong Kong, to ensure my position as a temporary resident / tourist in the PRC is safe and secure until the end of the month. And look what happened while I was gone — the government devalued the currency to remain internationally competitive, threatening the underpinnings to undermine the global economy, and a major explosion in the Tianjin docks, the port city nearest Beijing, killed dozens and wiped out large swathes of the city. It’s even begun raining cyanide this week, allegedly.

Now I’m not saying me leaving and these incidents are related, but this is more than a coincidence, surely? My presence is needed here. I am clearly a calming influence, a man who restores order and confidence. The Shanghai Composite Index has already jumped a couple of points since I landed.

I depart Shanghai on Friday 28th August. Before then, we need to plan a campaign for Shell China this year and next, ensure we launch major research for a B2B client in eight markets, and try to squeeze in a trip to The Great Wall and Forbidden City. So many worlds, so much to do, so little done, such things to be.