Doritos vs Popcorn

​Arguably two of the most popular British snacks that most would consider are similar when it comes to calories and macronutrients. (Proteins, carbs and fats)
We’re right to have this opinion; they are! However, of course both products are available in a range of styles and flavours, so the calories in a bag of toffee popcorn varies to an ordinary sweet or salted option.

So for the case of this post I’ll clarify I am focusing towards original Doritos and sweet or salted popcorn.

The Label

​By the label I mean the calorie label on the back of the pack. As I’ve mentioned; depending on the brand of sweet or salted popcorn the calories will vary, however generally they’re all pretty similar. For this example I’m specifically using Tesco’s salted popcorn and cool original Doritos as you can see in the images.

The biggest pitfall I see and I believe to be common amongst the general public is when someone checks to see the calories on a product and only glances at the ‘Per 100g’ column. This is perfect if you’re planning on consuming 100g of food but not so great if like many, you find yourself picking away until you’re full and satisfied.

​As you can see in the images, both the Doritos and the Popcorn bag are of a similar size. Now I don’t know about you but if I were to sit down with a bag of either of these, it’s likely I’ll munch through at least half of the bag, most likely the entire lot.
Let’s be honest, an entire bag isn’t difficult to get through!

The Trick

If you take a look at the overall weight of these bags, the bag of Doritos weighs in at 200g whilst the bag of Popcorn weighs in at 90g. That’s less than half the actual food weight in the same sized bag. Yet the food itself is roughly equally as filling as one other, right?

Which is why although glancing at the ‘per 100g’ column on both of these bags give a similar number of around the 500 calorie mark. For the Doritos that 100g (500 cals) are only half of the bag, 100g of popcorn is more than the entire bag.

One whole bag of Doritos contains twice as many calories as a whole bag of salted Popcorn.

The Take Away Point!

We may assume that a bag of Doritos and a bag of Popcorn are very similar and if you were to glance at the ‘per 100g’ column on the back this strongly supports this assumption. However, if you know you’re likely to get carried away and polish off an entire bag… don’t forget bag volume. 
Choose the popcorn ;)