Make Better Food Choices. 5 Tips

How important is food when it comes to losing weight and improving your body composition (burning fat and building lean muscle tissue)?

Food is probably the most important factor.

At least 80% of your results will come from your nutrition programme and the other 20% from exercise and lifestyle factors.

The problem is, the health and fitness industry and most personal trainers are selling exercise as their main product. Nutrition is kind of tacked on as something you chat about between sets of the bench press.

The fact that people are NOT focusing on food, first, is probably the main reason why most people fail to get the results they want.

You can exercise all you want, but if you don’t clean up your diet, then you’ll make poor progress.

As the saying goes, “you can’t out exercise a poor diet”.

Of course, exercise is super-important for improving your health, and regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 30%. It’s just that food is more important for achieving the body composition you want.

So, with that in mind, these 5 tips will help you make better food choices, with a focus on burning fat and building lean muscle tissue:

  1. Eat more slowly and chew your food thoroughly
  2. STOP eating when you’re 80% full and wait 20 minutes for your stomach to talk to your brain and tell you you’ve had enough
  3. Earn your starchy carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, etc.) with exercise. Eat them within 1–3 hours of a workout. At other times, focus on eating fresh veggies, salad items and some fruit
  4. Eat high-quality, lean protein with each and every meal. If you want to burn fat, protein is your friend. Aim for at least a deck of cards sized protein serving with each meal.
  5. Don’t fear fat! You need adequate amounts of healthy fat, like olive oil, butter, coconut oil, avocados, raw nuts and seeds, olives. This doesn’t mean you should start eating butter buy the spoonfull. Just don’t avoid fat and use the above sparingly.

In the hectic world of social media, we’re bombarded by quick fixes and crash weight loss scams.

These don’t work, and often lead to the “rebound effect”, where you put all of the weight back on when you return to normal life, with interest.

Long-term results come from changing your behaviour and creating new, healthy habits and then practising them with consistency.

Stop looking for the home runs and start layering up small steps of change, one at a time and being patient.

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