Theory vs. Reality

Thoughts from my MORNING STUDY:

Conditions and circumstances will NEVER be perfect.

The Universe will NOT always line things up for you, just as you want.

At some point, even the best plan will unravel, the wheels will fall off and life will put a spanner in the works (or two or three usually).


To test your commitment to your goals, your mission, your purpose in life.

To give you a SLAP around the face or a not-so-subtle reminder that you’re moving in the wrong direction.

Perhaps just for the fun of it…

But, most of all, to give you the OPPORTUNITY to make some important changes, before it’s too late.

Instead of being an act of malice, it is really an act of LOVE.

Are you really serious, or are you just playing, dabbling, flirting with health, fitness, HAPPINESS, financial success, becoming a better partner, spouse, parent, friend, business owner, human being?

Or are you simply going through the motions?

Life has a way of calling you out when you’re being in-authentic or insincere.


Don’t let a few wrong turns and setbacks (even major ones) beat you up and grind you down.

Re-FOCUS on your GOALS and DREAMS (or get clear on them for the first time) adjust course and be ADAPTABLE.

Look for the SOLUTION hidden in the PROBLEM.


And remember that, however hard it may seem at times…

however dark, lost and isolated you may feel,

whatever mistakes you may have made…

however much you may have FU**ED things up

EVERY second of this life is a GIFT.

That’s why it’s called the PRESENT.

P.S. Yes, I did rip off that last line from the film Kung Fu Panda. That is one wise turtle!

Happy Monday everyone!