Food & Drink — Hunting the Mindset of Success

I have always been fascinated by the brain and more specifically, the mental recipe for success. As you can imagine, it is one seriously complex meal but there are definitely some key ingredients. So I wanted to list what I believe to be the top attributes and traits that can be worked on to put you into the best mental state to succeed in this wonderfully delicious world of Food & Drink (or any industry!) Please note — WORKED ON- if anyone thinks they are born with or already have these down to a tee, you are probably lying…or maybe you do and the X-Men are looking for their lost member.


This is where your idea is born. Anytime I am asked, “Why did you go into olives?” I always give the same answer — “I love olives.” It was as simple as that! I absolutely love olives and I knew that the market was lacking that vibrant colour, bold character and those innovative flavours — and it was that passion that drove me to start marinating in the kitchen. Unlock that passion of yours and unleash it onto the world! It is probably exactly what we have all been waiting for…


…but have never been able to do! You can have the passion but you have to have the ability to follow through on your passion to create change and this means taking a risk. I think every person on this planet has come up with an innovative idea in their life but how many voice it? Then on top of that, how many of those that voice it actually do the barmy thing of following through with it? That’s the person you have to be. You do have to be able to take a leap into the unknown and not know what will come out of it. For me that was a massive draw to starting my own business BUT make sure that those risks are calculated and are made in the right way, at the right time (Please read my post on how best to take those early steps here — that post will help you prepare yourself for that hop, skip and a jump into the unknown — walking is so yesterday).


This is a massive one for me. I have never been very good at hearing a no. But unfortunately, you will hear this word time and time again throughout your journey. Not only will some people not like your product or feel it’s a fit for them, but your oven might also blow up or your delivery might get stuck on its way across Europe OR you may just drop your final perfectly cooked meringue on the floor! The sooner you understand that things aren’t going to go right the whole time, the better prepared you will be for when they don’t. The entrepreneurial journey is a wave, not a straight line. The people who are successful are those that are able to pick themselves up through the troughs, not the ones that are dancing at the peaks.


Hustle hustle hustle. What a great word! Not everyone is super intelligent, not everyone takes social media in their stride, not everyone is a super salesman and not everyone is a Michelin-starred chef! But everyone can hustle, everyone can try! We can all get up to hit the streets and drop those samples. We can all pick up the phone and just make those last few calls after you have just had the phone slam down on you 5 times. If you aren’t confident in an area, ask for help. The successful ones will not just focus on their strengths, they will double down on their weaknesses. There is no excuse not to put your everything into something so go get that hustle on!


Open to change. Open to ideas. Open to letting your team grow and to pass over some responsibility of your baby to someone else. Open really does encapsulate a lot here and in essence — it is the ability to listen to the people around you, to see the changes that are occurring in the world which may mean you need to make business changes and lastly, the ability to let others in on your creation to help it grow. That last one for me was extremely hard. It was if I had nurtured this olive baby and it was mine to look after. As soon as I realised that I could not do it on my own and grew the team at the right time, stress levels dropped, anxiety dropped and we really started to put the growth burners on!


When that team grows, guess who they will look up to? You could write a whole piece on what a good leader is but for me it is someone that inspires and empowers the people around them. Someone that listens to their team. Someone that invests and engages in them both in their life in work and outside of it. Someone that can make decisions and do so with confidence. Someone that can take responsibility for when those decisions are wrong and to help themselves and the team understand to why that may have been the case. And someone that is positive, even when the ol s*** hits the fan, because it will hit and if you are gonna be hit by s***, you might as well smile.

(Mud by the way ;) )

As I said in the last post, please do give me a shout if anyone wants to chat about anything in these posts — hit me up at

In the meantime, do like Arnie does — don that war paint and go get your hustle on!

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