As a Brit should I care about the US election result? And why am I pleased that Clinton lost?

I ask myself. Is this any of my business? Well no and yes. Ultimately I’m not American and I live in the UK, so I won’t be as directly affected by any domestic policies, as those on the ground will be.

Yet I have a natural affinity to the USA, I grew up watching Hollywood movies (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future), listening to bands (Guns and Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam), and learning from comedians, (Bill Hicks, George Carlin, the Simpsons).

As I got older I’d read great books (Catch-22, On the Road, A Confederacy of Dunces), enjoy more great movies (Big Lebowski, the Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction), and music (Eminem, the Strokes, the Killers) and comedy (Doug Stanhope, Chris Rock, Family Guy). The list goes on and on.

Basically a part of my Brain/Mind is American, Loves Americans, Loves America.

I care about your fate and well being as I care about the fate and well being of all humanity.

Which leads me to the most important issue for all other nations of the world; the issue of US foreign policy.

Is it any wonder the whole world stops and holds its breath when the US has an election? Whoever is in charge of the decisions in the White House (and Pentagon), directly affects the lives of so many other people on the globe.

The US of course has the most devastating military, huge expenditure (what is it $1 Trillion per year these days? Or more?), How many foreign bases? It acts like the policeman of the world, or the tyrant depending how you look at it.

From a British perspective, the Brits won’t do squat on a military footing without the backing of the USA. The British establishment and the American elite are two and the same thing, bedfellows and lovers extraordinaire. I can’t think of any foreign policy since Vietnam that the British Elite haven’t silently or openly backed. The British elite and their support are just as guilty for the foreign interventions and turbulence caused in the world today, no doubt.

Yet the destabilisation of the Middle East is a problem for Europe more than the US. Certainly the refugee crisis affecting Europe has been exacerbated by the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and the campaign to remove Assad in Syria.

This leads me to Hillary Clinton. Clinton has presided over the foreign policy mess of the past 8 years. She has proven to be another cold hearted destroyer of lives and nations. John Pilger a journalist I have long regarded highly corroborates this view. Interview1, Interview2.

We can’t know exactly what Trump or his underlings and generals will do in the next 4 years. It might be more of the same; it might be better or perhaps worse.

From a foreign perspective the election appeared to be the old saying “Is it better the Devil you know, or the Devil you don’t?”

The fact that George Bush And Tony Blair, (devilish psychopathic murderers), both dislike Donald Trump and didn’t want him elected, is a hopeful sign.

So the US and the World has avoided a devil we know in Mrs Clinton, and lumped for …. ??

Another silver lining in Clintons defeat is that it has reenergised the so-called liberals. A lot of people fell asleep once Obama was elected, and took their eye off those behind the curtain of power, believing that all was well.

Politics and society needs informed, vigilant, wise and loving people. May we unite and hold politicians and their actions to account.

Peace, Love, Truth.