Experience the Comfortable Transfer of OLM data to MBOX data

Everyone uses emails to complete their personal and professional work, but they don’t know it is possible to export Outlook Mac OLM data to Apple Mail (MBOX data). The whole process is known as the data conversion or data migration. If the users want to convert OLM files to MBOX files perfectly then, the OLM Converter Pro is the only option in the technology market which the users have. There are many fake and completely useless conversion tools in the market which can only damage the OLM files of the users and cause them a monetary loss. The whole process of data conversion is a very gentle and the users cannot afford to lose any of their valuable OLM data during or after the conversion process gets over. The people who are in search for an excellent data conversion should first gather complete knowledge about all the conversion software available in the market and then buy the tool.

Especially for the Mac users, the OLM Converter Pro by Gladwev Software Company is the best tool. The conversion tools perfectly work on Outlook Mac and convert the OLM data to Apple Mail format. Users need the OLM Converter Pro because the two different email clients use different file formats for accessing their data. OLM data gets employed by Outlook Mac, and Apple Mail uses MBOX data format. It is only Outlook Mac which uses OLM data; whereas MBOX gets used by many email clients such as Thunderbird, Postbox, and Entourage. So, to efficiently convert the OLM data to MBOX data, the OLM Converter Pro is necessary for the success of the data migration process from OLM data to MBOX data. The Gladwev Software supplies the users with highly secure features which make the process completely smooth and easy. The OLM Converter Pro gives the users the facility of complete accuracy and reliability along with safeguarding the data of the users.

The software securely converts the OLM data to Mac Mail data as Gladwev Software Company guarantees the users about there no loss of data during the transaction process. It safely transfers the OLM data from one email client to another email client. The accuracy at which the OLM Converter Pro converts OLM data to MBOX data for Apple Mail users is unmatched by any of the conversion tools on the market. The OLM Converter Pro takes full control of the data transfer process and making sure that there will be no corruption to even a single file of the users. Preserving and maintaining the OLM files and folders in the same format is also important as it will cause problems for the users after the process. Gladwev’s OLM Converter Pro preserves the OLM files of the users and maintains the converted MBOX files in the same structure as it was at the start of the process. Gladwev Software Company renders the users with the unlimited transfer of OLM files to MBOX files, as the software can migrate thirty thousand OLM file to MBOX files in a single click. Whereas, the demo version gets restricted to transfer TEN files per folder. Both the versions of the OLM Converter Pro cater the users with quick data migration from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail. The OLM Converter Pro only require a few minutes to convert OLM files to MBOX files and that too with full precision. The existing users of the OLM Converter Pro are enjoying free updates on a regular basis without having to pay any addition amount of money. The cost of the license of the OLM Converter Pro is between USD 39 to USD 599.