The Solution to Convert Mac Outlook Olm to Pst That Actually Works

There are countless solutions to convert Mac Outlook Olm to Pst, but they don’t work most of the times. There are also manual conversion techniques that many people go through in order to migrate their emails, but that are also highly ineffective and not practical in many cases.

The problems with .Olm to .pst export are many. Being of two different platforms, the files vary to a great extent, and thus the data exchange between them get complicated. Experts recommend a tool that can convert these two files with the required amount of accuracy and effectiveness that makes the conversion successful.

So what that is tool and where can you can find it?

Olm to Pst Converter Pro is one such software program developed by some top developers in this field. This program has all the abilities needed to move the data thoroughly and with ease. There are so many improvements with this utility that no other tool have had in past. Such as, completely re-designed interface that forms a clear and systematic path for users. There are also many other advanced functionalities that will appeal to professionals in a big way. We have talked about this interface and advanced features below.

The interface comprises of the following buttons and section –

• ‘Add Olm’ — where you load the Olm files

• Content Display Section — Where you can see all the folders inside the Olm files and can choose the ones you want to convert.

Besides, there are few additional features that serve well in this email migration. If you want to choose this option, simply check the box next to them.

• Merge contacts to default address book

• Merge calendar to default calendar

• merge all olm files to one Pst

• specify max Pst file to split them into smaller files

And lastly, there is “Convert” button, after clicking which, the conversion starts with high speed and controlled precision. Within few minutes, the tool will give you the converted Pst files, all ready to be used in Windows Outlook.

This is by far the quickest and highly feasible solution for Olm to Pst Conversion; and no other tool even comes close in regards to offering the professionalism that this one does.

Here are couple of things that you would like to know about olm to pst converter pro –

• It supports all languages

• It converts everything, including

▪ attachments

▪ images

▪ email properties such as (to, cc, bcc, subject, from)

▪ nested messages

• The tool also keeps your folders structure unmodified

• It keeps the read/unread emails status unmodified

• it presents a full report at the end with all the details.

Olm to Pst converter pro is built from the grounds up keeping both newbies and top experts in mind. That’s why its easy interface with automatic features (like conversion of contacts and calendar) and some advanced manual features (like splitting pst files and merging files) makes it a dynamic utility to be used in email migration with utmost precision and efficacy. Download a free trial copy to see how it works.

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