Basic Education is Not Enough.

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I am writing on this issue with so much passion. You know why? Because a greater percentage of youths in my generation are unemployable, and I am not sure it is due to the lack of jobs out there or their lack of skills relevant for the job role.

I am currently serving in a private company and I have been privileged to come across a good number of Curriculum Vitaes (CVs). Imagine there is a job opening and over 500 people send in their CVs and more than half of them are technically bad, with grammatical errors here and there, poor sentence structures, disjointed points, no relevant experience indicated, to mention but a few. And that is why I cannot really say there are no jobs out there for a fact, I can only say that the Educational system needs to do more in graduating employable youths.

What are they really teaching us in our schools? While some of the imparted knowledge stuck, others have just disappeared like a chasing after the wind. And that is sad, really sad. I am not even certain if I was studying at the time to get my grades up or to actually gain knowledge and apply it in my everyday life.

Regardless of all of that, the situation remains miserable. Now they are teaching entrepreneurial skills in our schools, saying that the average youth needs to be equipped with a skill because of the high rate of unemployment in our society. Whilst that is a great idea, what happens to someone who is determined to build a career in a corporate organization? Are you saying such a person should forfeit dreams and try building castles in the air (well, that is what I call it because doing something you don’t have a passion for can be as frustrating as the aforementioned)

How about we build solid structures in our educational system that allow for flexibility, such that those who want to be entrepreneurs can have a proper foundation for that, while others who want to build a career also have their liberty. This would only happen if we teach the young adults about book-smart and street-smart principles so they can find a balance and make use of the knowledge gained while in school.

Why not teach the youth how to write proper CVs that would engage potential employers and make them want to meet their applicants? Why not teach them how to work effectively and manage emotions whilst working? Why not teach them people skills, alongside entrepreneurial skills so the youths come out of their schools empowered and ready to delve into any area they deem fit. Basic education is not enough, but it is also relevant. Let our government please hear the cry of the youth and help them to be better. Dear youth, Kindly take responsibility for making yourself better! The reality is that our educational system is faulty, so we shouldn’t relax with whatever information or knowledge we have been given in school! The internet is like an endless river with streams of information waiting to be harnessed. Please take advantage of knowledge acquisition and develop yourself. It can only get better from there!

Cheers to a better You.

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