Taking Care of My Body

I remember as a teenager, I didn’t like what I looked like. I thought I was too skinny (well…maybe I was at that time). I was usually mocked by some of my secondary school classmates…boys as usual -Talk about being young and silly- Spaghetti legs…fish tail, etc were the names I recall being insulted with, and soon my self-esteem was on the verge of being threatened. Oh well, thank God for good friends and family who kept telling me I was beautiful the way I was, and that there was no need to get worked up over what I couldn’t change however much I complained. My mum still tells me, “Lolade you have a really nice figure and you are not skinny. When I was your age, I was even smaller than you” and then I try to imagine what she must have looked like. Now, if you have ever seen my mum, I’m sure you would really appreciate God’s beauty in her life. She is just the right size with a lot of beauty within and outside; you just have to love her.

Like me, most of us wish we could change one thing or more about ourselves, perhaps height, weight, and what have you…some are honest and would admit it, but others would try to deny it. I was just like that too, and as a matter of fact, sometimes I still ask God if He can alter my body shape somehow, somehow sha. News flash; I’m liking what I’m looking like, as my outlook is gradually changing, and I am also learning to understand and take care of my body which is the main reason for this post.

I only have one body, so I should take good care of it. I am what I eat! So I should drink enough water, I should eat balanced diets, I should rest well, I should exercise, I should…and…should until I become Shuperu (laughing out loud). I am currently a size 6 (quite small) so it’s not easy to tell if I’m eating right or not. However, when we see an oversized individual we immediately think they’re not eating right, and start condemning their eating habits. But does every overweight person become that way due to a lack of body care? I’m not sure I myself can answer that. I hear a lot of people say “it’s in my family…that’s how we are.” I also read online that the causes of overweight or obesity result from environment, food and activity, genetics, health conditions and medications, stress and emotional factors. Anyway, that is for the obese category. How about being underweight? I guess what applies to the goose should also apply to the gander? 🤷🏼‍♀️ . We can take a cue from the research and see how it also affects us.

Some people have told me “Start eating more, you are not eating enough!” (LMAO). Very funny and ridiculous; so because I am a size 6, does that mean I am not eating enough? I remember someone even asking me “Lolade, are you eating at all? You seem to have lost some weight” and in my mind I am like “How much weight do I even have to afford to lose some weight?”

Anyway, I like to rant and this must have been another of those days when I just pick my phone up and start writing all sorts. The bottom line is for you to take care of your body whether you’re fat or skinny. Whatever body type you’ve got, you just need to own it, and if it needs some working on, then work on it!! After all, we are all a work in progress. This is from me to you; have a nice evening guys, and lots of love from Ololade; the story teller.

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