Dear Lady in Love,

For the day love clouds your mind against better judgement

  1. Your body is the temple of the most high. Never allow love disrespect it.
  2. That vacuum in you, it can only be filled by God — which in itself is a ‘different kind of love’. First fill it with this ‘different kind of love’ to avoid the pains of unmet expectations from love.
  3. You are enough! Even love can not complete you — well, except this ‘different kind of love’, someone once told me it’s the type that soothes all insecurities.
  4. love, it’s been known to be the death of many. But hey! You will not die if love decides to leave, you become wiser, stronger, even better, I promise. My still breathing heart is a living attestation.
  5. You only get the measure of love you choose to give. Do not be like the not-so-wise-farmer, who all through the reaping season kept expecting a bountiful harvest when he never planted!
  6. There is a type of love that comes in different shades of ambiguity. You should know, truth is universal and a fact can not be invalidated. When it leaves you confused, I doubt it is love.
  7. Learn baby, learn. From past mistakes, from the experiences of those who have gone before you…

While we are at it, 1 Corinthians 13 is the anthem.

Hey, let’s choose love!