My closure, or not

Dear Sound,

I want to write you a letter.

You know, like the one I gave you with the funny/horrible piggy faced smiley of me hearing about you creating an app to have our own uber in Hebron.

Then I wrote you another letter, one of those Sundays. Your sound guys did something to annoy you, again. I told you about ‘sweet' making things better. Do you remember?

And I wrote another one, this time to prove that I could draw…it was something about loving you to the moon and back. And heck no! it didn’t prove my point as you still don’t think anyone would put money on my drawing skills, lol.

Then there was this time I wanted to write you yet another one. I was going to inform you about how after my exams we were going to have a ‘Sound’ day, a day I wouldn’t do anything else from morning till night apart from talking to you. Yh things came up, I never even got to tell you. It shows how bad I am at record keeping. But funny enough on that Monday I kept a record of time, the time between the last I love you and when it all ended.

I have had days to do so many things, to even wonder if you’re doing fine. But hey, I hate all things mushy so I won’t dwell on if either of us is doing great or not. But maybe one of these days you will tell me what exactly triggered the part of you that ended it.

I still want to write you a letter. For someone who has always been in love with words and its intricacies, it’s funny to realize that the English alphabets have sworn to not allow me have my way. They’ve never failed me but tonight and for the past few days, they’ve taken an oath of betrayal and been standing by it.

Btw, you promised not to give up without a fight I wonder why or how you forgot to do just that. I have tried fighting for us, but now I’m at peace knowing that I did reach out and the effort was met with stone cold silence.

No, I’m not writing you this in a bid to make you have a change of heart. Even if I want to, the ego and pride plaguing me deign it inappropriate to do such.

Maybe you are really bad at keeping promises or it simply escaped your mind but all the same, thank you. For all those times you believed in me even when you were advised against it, for those looks in your eyes that told me I could single handedly take on the world and for every other thing, because now I know I will always look out for that look and much more.

And no, I won’t compromise.

Not Yours,