It’s been a while I wrote anything. I’ve been quite busy dealing with life. I miss having all the time in the word to express myself “pen to paper" but I’ll take what I can get please.


Just in case you didn’t hear, Victoria Oloni graduated from the Nigerian Law school with a First Class and was called to bar on the 29th of July as part of the top 0.07% of the 5770 that wrote the bar exams. You know I missed out of a university first class by 0.07%. God is so poetic 😂😂😂.


I don’t think I’ve gotten the opportunity to really enjoy the feeling. I’ve dealt with imposter syndrome, survivor’s guilt, anxiety, a whole lot of confusion about future steps to take. I’ve dealt with anger at the fact that I didn’t get all the attention I thought a first class would get me….. no credit alerts, no job offers, no reception and I was mad for a long time.

Why do others get showered with gifts, money and attention and an expensive reception for doing bare minimum and I get nothing for excelling…I earned this shit…. Or did I?

Didn’t others earn it too?

Is passing bar finals ever bare minimum?

Don’t I already have a job that I love?

These are daily mind battles I’m still dealing with. But we what? We MUEVEEEE!!!

Who dey breeet!!!!

Who saw me on TV!!! 😂😂😂

For some reason my wig was not just a different shade, it was smaller than others and throughout the process I was just praying my wig didn’t fall off my head on live TV as I walked forward for recognition or took a bow in front of the chairman of the body of benchers but God no dey ever shame us. The wig soldiered through the process. I’ll probably get one of those white ones when the money comes.

Enrolling at the supreme court was the real ghetto. No matter where you go, nigeria will embarass you. Thank God I’m done with this phase.

Now I’m a full Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court and a member of the Nigeria Bar Association.

If you didn’t send funds during my stay in school or for call to bar, you don’t have lawyer oh. No friends and family discount plix.


Its 5:40pm Nigerian time as I write this.

I’ve gotten multiple messages this week of screenshots of the story Linda ìkejì blog and punch ran on me off my LinkedIn post. At the moment, over 10 different blogs have run the same story and I have almost a thousand comments saying either of 3 things

“the real beauty and brain/real slay mama"

“studying law in a lawless country”

“run from Nigeria if you want to succeed”

My Instagram and LinkedIn literally blew up. My old friends from history education texted, my secondary school classmates, people from my old church. If I didn’t forget my phone with my oldest number at home, it might have been ringing off the hook. All my village people would have heard the news…

“Victoria Oloni made a first class from Law School”.

I think I’m supposed to be excited about it but I’m so mortified. I instantly went private on my twitter. Thank God my IG was already private. I didn’t like the attention. I think I have my answer to the age long Question “money or fame?”

Money please dears, who fame EPP.

It’s all really overwhelming but thank God it’s blowing over.


I think I replied every message I got because I am always pressing my phone but in case I didn’t, I’m saying a Big "THANK YOU" to everyone who texted, called, tried to call (I forgot my 08182189020 line in Lagos and it’s most likely dead already), posted or reposted my pictures.

I congratulate all my friends and colleagues for this great feat. You guys are all super humans and I am extremely honoured to be associated with you.

I am eternally grateful to my Father, my best friend, my comforter, my teacher, the Almighty who holds me in the palm of his hands like a delicate flower. Some people call it "orphan's privilege", I call it God's unconditional love.

I am particularly greatful to my sister (I understand you have hijacked the first class and it's fine), my closest friends (Theo, Bisoye, Ope to name a few), my aunty and uncle for basically adopting me and sponsoring my education up to this moment; Daddy and Mummy, I am grateful. Daddy J, I am grateful for everything you have done and will continue to do for your by force first daughter. Ridwan.... mentor, ẹgbọn and friend; thank you for everything.

I wish my biological parents got the opportunity to witness the manifestation of the future they saw for me when they called me a lawyer even at age 5. I know my mom would have shut Abuja down for her baby. I know they are watching wherever they are and I hope they are immensely proud. Mummy and Pops!!!! I did it!!!!

Getting called to the Nigerian bar is just the beginning of a life long journey and greater things are in store for all of us. We don't know the challenges we will meet on the way to greatness but we continue to ride on with the faith that the God that ran this one can run anything for us. There are so many opportunities set ahead of us and the future is so damn bright.

I understand a lot of us are not sure of our next steps, I'm not either but I have decided to trust God and follow him afraid. I don't know if this is of any help but when I took my anxiety to him, he told me that He understands what is at stake even more than me and a strange calm came upon me. So you know what, the future is not crystal clear yet but in the wise words of Shuyi (JavaScript lawyer), "we Fu*king rage!!"

My study group in law school, you guys intimidated the hell out of me 😂😂😂 but that just inspired me to do more and do better. Thank you for making studying fun. TY please pay all your fines for using fowl languages and improper jokes. Theo one day I hope you will heal from all the times I ganged up with TY to make your life hell. I'm not sorry, you are an easy target 😂😂😂😂. Favour, you are such an amazing person, to know you is to love you. Thank you for the mosquito repellants and torchlight. I hope we get to hang one more time before life happens to us.

Special shout-out to my flatmate, friend and sister, Roxemary!! She is one of the few people that have figured out when I want to be left alone. You are amazing Rose and the future is so bright. To the best roommate in the world, Lydia you were to answer to a prayer I didn't think I needed. I remember the day you went home for the weekend and brought back grapes for me because you heard me complain that grapes were not sold on campus. I cried a little that day because I was experiencing a whole new level of kindness. Your life effortlessly preaches Christ and I could not possibly have wished for a better roommate.

To everyone else who contributed in one way or another to my success in law school, I'm grateful and if I can't pay it back, I hope I'll be able to pay it forward.

Once again I say, THANK YOU!!!

I’m writing this from Abuja, the city after my heart. I return to camp soon and then back to the ghetto known as Lagos

I’m never this Happy in Lagos but the hustle is the hustle.

I hope to write something else soon but till then..

I leave you with ❤️ and everything bright.

V.O Oloni Esq.

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