How I overcome my phobia for Mathematics.

Hi there,

This is a brief story of how i became good in Mathematics.

I use to be an average student in mathematics back then in my secondary school. My best score was 60% and rarely did i get 70%, i would say i had a phobia for Mathematics. However, one day during break time, the mathematics guru in my class by name Emeka had a tough maths question he could not solve. He went around looking for who could solve the maths problem with him but found none. I was sleeping in the class that afternoon( placing my head on my locker). He tapped me, thinking i was one of his friends or someone who was equally good in Mathematics.

I raised up my head and he looked at me with an expression of disappointment, as if that was not enough he said “Oh!! not you”. I did not get what was happening until a friend of mine told me. I got angry and i said within myself “ What is this guy feeling like sef!!”.

From that day, i was studying Mathematics everyday. In fact, there was no day i did not study mathematics. This was not because i wanted to know maths but because i wanted to prove myself. That term, i got my first 90% in Mathematics, he got 98% but whatever!!! I am now good in Mathematics.

I became one of those that knew mathematics in the class and of course I was able to overcome my phobia for Mathematics.

LESSON LEARNT: You can do anything if you put mind to it. “Determination is the keyword to distinction.”

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