Story in this Image.

Images have voices. Pictures, they say, tell stories…

As I set my eyes on this lovely image of Timi Dakolo and his delectable wife- Busola (my favorite celebrity couple in Nigeria), I couldn’t help but share the story I read, and the words the picture said to me.

Firstly, the COLOURS — red, white and black. Red happens to be my favourite colour and it depicts love, while white depicts peace. The touch of black depicts strength. They love each other, and they’ve found peace and strength in their love.

Also, their COUNTENANCES imply a lot. Timi has this endearing, yet straight countenance like that of a protector (no wonder in his song — The Vow, he promises to be her soldier, and fight her battles). Busola’s countenance is calm and has a subtle smile. She’s got no worries because she trusts the capability of her protector.

Now, this is my best part –the COVER. I actually saw this in three lights: Timi being behind Busola depicts a cover, Timi’s jacket on Busola portrays another form of cover, Timi’s hands surrounding Busola depicts yet a cover. In my opinion, (and I’m certain many people share same view too) as a man, you should be a cover to your woman. Busola, apparently, isn’t the owner of the jacket, neither is she putting it on. Rather, Timi uses it to cover his woman! He decides to guard what is his jealously, and with all he has. That’s why he uses his jacket and both hands.

May I also add that I can hear Busola’s hair (dropped to one side) announcing “my owner lets go, and lets God! She lets go, and lets the God in Timi!” This is a sign of willful SURRENDER and total SUBMISSION.

Dear woman, no matter the height you attain, no matter the feats you achieve, it is the will of God that you are submissive to your man. — Morenikeji Oloye

Having revealed all these, here is a great piece composed by my very good and amazing friend, Isaiah Bamiro — CEO / creative director of Event Fillers ( Instagram handle: @eventfillers) :

Fear has no share in this love,
Indeed, there’s no fear in our love.
I unveil this love to the world,
Let the world see me through your eyes.
I want to live my rest for you,
I want to stand by you, and be your guard;
I want to shake your world, and be your shield.
If this love is a yolk, then I’ll be the shell.
I’ll guard this love with my life;
I’ll pay its debt with my blood;
I’ll protect this love — our love!

Written and edited by Morenikeji Oloye (@sisi_moren
Poem composed by Isaiah Bamiro (@bamiroisaiah)

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