#2017TrendingAlert ! Runway inspired Bling Makeup ❤

You don’t have to be a glitter queen to shine out. Learn the art of minimalist makeup from the gurus of beauty in 2017 ! Add a little shimmer or sparkle while doing your makeup and you are all set. These are certain bling makeup tricks from which you can derive inspiration. So let’s get started :

Subtle Sparkle

If you prefer shimmer .This inspired makeup (from Alice + Olivia’s spring show 2015) is perfect for you. Just highlight your face to get this look. This look looks perfect with a dark lipstick.

Golden Glitter Eyes

Just add a Little sparkle to your eye shadow. That will give you a perfect eye makeup look. Let your eyes do the talking. Even Katy Perry wore this look and looked gorgeous.

Lustrous Lips

To get this look which was seen in Rodarte fashion show. Just add some glitter to your lipstick and blend it well.

Ice Glow

Highlight your skin and then use a white liner to line up the bottom lash line. Then use a glitter eyeliner to add some sparkle says Philip Lugue.

So try these looks and change your makeup style. Come on , Bling it up ❤

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