Master the art of the Perfect Selfie !

It’s not just the Light or Pose that matters, It’s the Makeup too !

1. Highlight & Carve your Eyebrows

Sweep a small amount of highlighter under your arch to define the shape, and blend out using your finger . Take a eyebrow pencil and fill in the sparse areas of your brows . Your eyebrows can make a big difference to how good you look in a photo too.

2. Foundation that matches your skin tone

BLEND BLEND BLEN ! Don’t apply heavy foundation as it may look cakey . Apply foundation to hide acne scars and blemishes . Make it look natural . You can also apply blush , it can brighten up your whole complexion . And make sure you apply foundation that suits your skin tone .

3. All About Eye makeup

Apply Eye brightener to brighten and make your eyes pop . Apply a coat of mascara and perfectly wing your eyes . You can even wear lens and add fake eyelashes and that’s how you master an eye makeup for a selfie . Don’t over do your eyes .

4. Pout out Loud !

Define your lips using a lipstick or lip gloss . This will just add youth and light to your face . Use bold lipstick when your eye makeup is light , But when you’re going with a smoky eyes then go in for slightly light shades or it might end up making your face over done .

5. Subtle Contour & Highlighting = Non-touring !

Doing the right amount of contouring and highlighting can make your selfies perfect and you can also take pictures trying all the angles . You don’t want to look like an ’80s mannequin, so go light on the shading and be choosy with your highlighters and blend well . Take some inspiration from Instagram eye candies Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid and go the nontouring way !

These were my 5 beauty hacks for a perfect selfie , let me know yours .

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