With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, its that time of the year for the men to step up their game! And ladies, spoilt with so many choices, what men’s care company would you go to? Fear not, we have done the work for you, ladies and gentle men, and rounded up on your most sought after men’s care companies below.

Read on, everyone, for more insights…

The Man Company

The Man Company offers a head to toe range of grooming essentials, to make sure every man is at its best. From hair gels, shampoos, face washes, beard oils, beard washes, soap bars, body washes, shave gels to fragrances, The Man Company is the ultimate stop shop to get all the essentials for your man, ladies!


Not tested on animals, only on rascals, i.e., cruelty free!

Started by everyone’s loved brand for quirky stuff, Happily Unmarried, Ustraa offers a wide range for men’s grooming, like helmet spray, foaming brush and bath & skin care products. In Happily Unmarried’s own word: “Ustraa is a range of grooming products for men. After taking care of his home, his bar, his supply of tees and gifts, we at Happily Unmarried are now helping our brothers look and smell better.”

Wanna give that a thought ladies? *wink*


Catering purely to the bearded men, Beardo offers products to ensure that every man’s face mane is cared for, pampered, soft, shiny and smells impeccable.

Since all three of these companies cater to specific grooming needs of our men, now you know what to look for from where. Happy Valentine’s gift shopping, ladies. May our men get the best of hair, skin and facial mane care!

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