A screwdriver as the name implies is a simple tool which can be manually or mechanically operated to drive in screws into objects. The screwdriver helps to securely place a screw to hold two surfaces, either for home use or professional uses. The screwdriver has two main parts; the screw head and the handle.

There are numerous types of screwdrivers and are classified based on different parameters, which include: the head-shape; which can be blade type, star-shaped, square shaped, or cross heads. The screwdriver size is also a means of classification, so is the operation.

Screwdrivers are essential in a toolbox as they come in very handy and make the task very easy. The right screwdriver must be used for the right screw to achieve the desired effect else the screwdriver is damaged. Also, the screwdriver should not be used for other non-designated function such as crowbar or chisel or even as a weapon.

Due to the different types of screwdrivers available, new modern screwdrivers are made with magnetic handles and numerous replaceable heads. This helps to reduce the clutter and most times more economical as the cost of buying ten different screwdrivers is much greater than buying just one with about twelve variable heads. Because most screwdriver heads are made from metals, the magnetic holder is very applicable and useful. The magnetic screwdriver holder also helps to hold screws that are very tiny and often slip out of the normal screwdrivers.

Also, screwdriver organizers have also been made available. Tool organizers have lately been used to help store hand tools in a well-organized method which makes the accessibility as swift as possible and also its withdrawal. Screwdriver organizers have compartments are designed to accommodate numerous screwdrivers of varied sizes. Having a screwdriver organizer is a prerequisite for garages, workshops, and all tool users these days, as it not only declutters the workspace but also makes the task at hand easier.

DIYs (Do It Yourself) are creative tasks carried out around the house or workshop. They require joining, tightening a loose bolt, and just innovatively making a new item without employing a professional. Most times they are done mechanically with a few handy tools. Having a tool organizer eases the burden of dragging out the usually bulky toolbox for a rather ‘small’ job; the tool organizers are quite handy and can be packed with all the necessary tools.

A screwdriver holder in a tool organizer system is a very unique and important piece. A magnetic screwdriver holder can hold up to several pieces of screwdriver easily by size or frequency of use and they come with handles that make them portable and moveable. A screwdriver holder helps to keep the screwdrivers from rust which comes from the tools banging with each other and also allow for easy cleaning after use.

Magnetic screwdriver holders are top-list items for easy and effective DIY projects.

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