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A year of review

New year resolutions seem to be the hype around this time of year. There is always a natural pull to start out new, practice a new habit, and do things differently this year. I love the idea of pushing the refresh button, but I also think it is important to think back and review what all your accomplished in the last year… first.

It is a common tendency to not want to ‘brag’ about the things you have accomplished or give some vulnerability into your personal life, but I think we need to give more people…

I recently worked on a development project that allowed me to do some research on a plethora of available api’s. To my surprise, in the last year a lot of api’s have cut back on their public access; in hindsight this makes sense with the current news with data privacy.

Even though many are public anymore, I still discovered some really cool api’s that you could leverage for some pretty cool applications. Personally, finding some camping and climbing api’s was really interesting to me.

Check out the on-going list of api’s I have found and see what cool things you can do with them!

When building an application, there are many times that you want to have different cases for different users, different inputs, or various changes on your form. Here is a brief introduction of how you can use obervables in your project today!

In my example I will be using rxjs, which you can read all about there here if you are not sure how it works or what it is.

So lets say that you have a form that allows you to put different options about a user in a signup page. They enter their name, phone number, and email address…

So you want to make your own website? Have you already tried before but haven’t succeeded? Yeah I know how that works, and sometimes you just don’t want to pay for a site to be managed by another company/hosting system.

I have tried many different ways to achieve a simple portfolio website and failed many times ( and countless hours of wasted time and frustration..haha). After processing through different approaches, I have finally found one that will get you up and running a a very short time. …

Sonja Olson

Software Engineer by day — outdoors enthusiastic by weekend. :)

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