‘13 Reasons Why’: Mental Health Experts View

The Article:

Okay so most of us have seen or at least heard of ’13 Reasons Why’, a book that was turned into a Netflix series. I have only watched part of the first episode but many have finished it in a whole night, day, week whatever you get the point. And the majority say the series was amazing and powerful as well as shedding light onto mental health. “But isn’t it sad, like really sad?” “Well yeah I cried but but it was great.” This was a typical question I asked since it is about suicide and a girl blaming others for her decision.

But mental health experts are worried about the show, its content and how people might react. There are the positive viewpoints like it gives the opportunity to discuss with kids the effect of the show, depression and suicide (with people who are and are not effected by depression and suicidal thoughts). But the negatives they have out way the positives by a lot. They are concerned of people who are suicidal thinking that it is the only way out which is not true. So the major reason they have been looking into the show is the possible effect of ”suicide contagion" which is being exposed to a suicide and having an increase in suicidal behaviors, just because of the whole movie and a particular scene. The scene is very graphic described in the article about the main character’s death. Some think that “suicide contagion” is a myth but copycat behavior like this real and major concern.

Some things have been done after the series was added such as sending out letters informing parents, class discussions and much deliberation of that scene yet in remained in the show.

Knowledge Questions:

How much impact can a T.V. show really have on the world?:

Especially in this case a lot. Don’t use ’13 Reasons Why’ as your example, choose your favorite show; you get so invested into that show, you know the characters and are eventually emotionally invested aren’t you? You watch every show and if you miss it you record it. But that is what the entertainment world is! They get your emotions into the show, every scene and angle is carefully chosen to do this to you.

Should mental health experts evaluate movies or shows before they come out to the public?:

This is difficult to answer I bet because this is not their job but it kinda is. I feel like this show should be evaluated, because some of the content show probably have been done in less detail. However the actions in the show are really and they depicted it in a raw way. So with every good thing something bad will follow.

I would like to include this if you need it or know someone who does, you have value and are loved. In honor of OA & AAW ❤

Resources for help

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1–800–273-TALK (8255)

Trevor Lifeline

Trans Lifeline
US: 1–877–565–8860
Canada: 1–877–330–6366

Crisis Text Line
Text “741741”