An underlying disease but why is it so controversial?

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So what is PTSD? PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder, which entails a person developing a disorder after a traumatic event. Some of these events include but are not limited to war, abuse, rape or a natural disaster. Most people can recover from a traumatic event but some cannot and it takes over their life.
A HUGE myth about PTSD is that everyone will develop it after a traumatic event. You must reach a criteria to be diagnosed with this disorder. The amount of time after the event can vary on what type you have or if at all such as 1 month could be PTSD and 3 months or longer could be chronic PTSD.

Crazy enough PTSD was not formalized as a real disorder until 1980. Treatments can include drug treatments- anti-depressants or even specific psychotherapy to help cope with their flashbacks and other symptoms. Many people have tried to “westernize” this disorder.

So how do I view PTSD? PTSD is a hard disorder for a person to deal with but also the people around them. I have heard the claims that people falsely claim or confuse PTSD with small life events and I believe that can be true. People very close with me have suffered with this and I can only imagine how hard life can be with constant flashbacks. We lack to dive deeper into the knowledge behind a disorder and like to stereotype. Instead we should further or knowledge and perception on new things and not always doubt even though it is easy to do. But I cannot stress this enough

“People treat post traumatic stress disorder as if it is nothing and talk so inconsiderately about these traumatic events someone with PTSD have gone through, Recovery depends on your own internal progressiveness”

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