Do Moral Truths Exist?

Well what would you do?

Morals often reflect the good and bad which can be depicted as an angel and devil

We would all like to think that morals exist and that we would all do the right thing (or most ethical) in a situation right? In class we had to present a situation that looked exactly like this picture but the angel had the philosophers mindset of do what is the greater good/who will bring good to the most amount of people and the devil had another philosophers mindset of bring the larger amount of pleasure to yourself. This was the situation at hand:

Your friend just got into a good college which rejected you. She has lower grades and lower test scores. It is obvious that the only reason she was admitted was because of her ethnic background. Do you bring this to the attention of the appeals office hoping for admission? Or let it go and accept the college’s decision? What would you do?

So we went into a little more detail, Lydia has a GPA of 4.0 and an ACT score of 33. Her friend, Aura, on the other hand has a 2.26 GPA and received an 18 for the ACT. These are drastically different as you can tell. They both apply to the same college and by the looks of it Lydia will be admitted to the larger university but Aura will not. But this isn’t how it plays out, Aura is accepted due to her ethnic background and Lydia is rejected. Lydia knows the reason as to which she is not accepted to this university but hears two viewpoints: “the devil”: I‘m here to help you make the most ethical decision! Obviously you should make it a point to talk to the admissions adviser and get your rightful spot in their college! Who cares if it gets Aura kicked out, this is for your pleasure and then “the angel”: Hey that’s not what you should do! You should do what does the greatest amount of good for the most people. Your decision should be based on morals and you should think about the harm that could be caused. In the end Lydia is decides not to address the admissions board and goes to another good university. But was it right? Everything worked out for the best in our mock situation but what if this was real? What would you do?

Overall the title of this article is do moral truths exist? At first I thought yes of course moral truths exist but they don’t. They do not exist because they are always changing and people have such different views. They can exist for you and what you find moral as well as ethical but it may not be the same as the guy sitting next to you on the bus, or the woman the raised you or maybe it differs from the religious views you practice. But this does not mean that your morals or wrong or that you choose the wrong choice. At the end it is what you believe in and you can’t always change how you view society, yet you can argue from both points of a “What would you do?”.

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