Why Not Straightforwards To Your Bisexual Love

Aug 15 · 2 min read

This is a story when I in middle school, this is about I first time want to say “ I love you ” to another lesbian girls.

At that time, it was really hard to come out as bisexual little girl, when it came to second year in middle school, I meet a girl, she was cute and beautiful, I was at first class, she was at near class. Every time I went by I just wanted to stare at her hair and her eyes. She just was so lovely and smiled, I felt shy a little bit and also smiled in return.

As time went by, the felling of like was growing up, it was like sea waves, again and again, stronger and stronger. I thought I just felt in love with her. It was disaster, because there were everything included, my parents, my final exam score, and her feeling.

I didn’t know exactly what she liked and wanted to be. But I just couldn’t hide my strong feeling of loving her.

I knew her name was “lyly”, I manage to meet her in school restaurant, like another class mate, we shared our hobbies and talked a lot. Apparently, we were hit it off. When she looked into my eyes, there was something amazing that I thought she want to say to me. But maybe it was just illusion. I didn’t know for sure.

That day, I really felt good, and I wanted this companion every day. I turned over that night, I couldn’t sleep at night. And there was a voice which manipulated me to tell her “I love her”.

But I was bisexual girls, I didn’t wanted to bother thing and incur snapping. Never mind, I decided to tell her that I was bisexual and I really crushed on her.

You know what? I made it, she was a lesbian, and she also liked me since we got know each other. I felt luckly and that’s my girl.

I just want to say that if you love someone, just tell them, no matter you are bisexuals or gays, just let them know you care about them, that matters. Maybe someone you love will be the one in rest of your life. Just go to the bisexual site to meet them.

Bisexual people deserve same-sax or threesome love.


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You see that? my bio stand for my identity, I am bisexual women, I like reading as my will. Also, I want someone who are bisexuals involve in my life.